Thursday, October 23, 2014

Maybelline White Superfresh Cake Powder SPF34/PA+++

Hi my lovely readers!^.^ Finally I gave a try to another compact powder of Maybelline!
If you're one of my old readers, you'd probably remember that I ever reviewed Maybelline Clear Smooth face powder in year 2012, HERE and HERE 
(Yeah I know that my old blog posts are horrible :P :P I was an newbie)

Recently Maybelline just released their latest cake powder / compact powder named White Superfresh Long Lasting UV Cake Powder SPF34/PA+++ and I bought it in Indomaret near my home :3

maybelline white super fresh
Because it came up with "White" concept, Maybelline designed the packaging into a compact powder which is dominated with white color. They made it as simple and clean as possible. Mirror and sponge are included inside. Anyway, I don't know if you can see the deep-embossed MAYBELLINE word on the its surface or not, because it's not really obvious XD

maybelline white superfresh
Women feel best about themselves right after they have had a morning shower and freshly-applied make up. Their skin looks fair and matte. They feel fresh and clean.

However, as the day goes on, their skin is under attack by heat, humidity and pollution that leads to sweat and sebum build-up. Once sweat and sebum interacts with the powder, the powder pigments change color, bringing a duller-looking complexion.

The result-they look dull and dark, they feel greasy and dirty, then they start to lose their confidence.

Some regular powder just slowly absorb and only entrap sweat and sebum, making you look dull, cakey and feel greasy over time. You don't look white, you don't feel fresh.

Enriched with Mineral Perlite that 5x the absoprtion power of regular talc, it facilitates sweat evaporation with almost zero build-up. Works like a blotter that continuously blots away sweat and sebum so that color stays true during the wear, complexion remains bright-looking.

Long lasting matte coverage that instantly whitens and evens skin tone, smoothens and blends away imperfections.
So white-looking, make up remains looking freshly applied. So fresh-feeling, it creates the clean touch of a morning shower or face wash.

Apply evenly with sponge all over face and neck. Suitable for everyday use. No need for wet usage as the coverage is already perfect for a dry usage.
- Non comedogenic
- Gentle on skin

Content: 9gr
Price: Around IDR 44,000 ($4)

komposisi maybelline white superfresh
Shade: 03 Natural

I chosen this shade because the lighter shade wasn't available at that moment LOL.
Surprisingly it suits to my skin tone perfectly! Yay! :D

maybelline white super fresh

I like its sleek packaging, decent size mirror, and nice durability of the sponge :D
The packaging's color is dominated with white and its design is too simple IMHO.

It has light nice scent and not overwhelming :)
Sorry my sense of smell currently isn't in a good condition due to colds :s

maybelline white super fresh

This compact powder is refillable, you can use any pin to push through center of the pointed circle in order to refill the empty pan :) I think their refills are available already on the market.

maybelline white super fresh
I have no complain with its texture. As usual, Maybelline's compact powder never fails to satisfy me!  ^_^ It has smooth texture and doesn't cakey at all.

maybelline white super fresh
It has light to medium coverage :D Blends onto my skin smoothly and conceal discoloration of my skin tone. It also can covers my blemishes quite well. Not forget to mention that it's so lightweight and suitable for everyday use.

It only lasts for around 3-5 hours if it's used alone without BB Cream / foundation underneath.
I think this compact powder isn't really suitable to oily skin type. What do you think?

Pros (+)
+ Smooth texture
+ SPF34/PA+++
+ Not cakey
+ Suitable for everyday natural makeup look
+ Cheap price!
+ Available in refills
+ Easy to find in Indonesia

Cons (-)
- Only could lasts for 3-5 hours if it's used alone.
- Super plain packaging :s


Have you tried this compact powder?
If yes, what do you think about it? ^_^

Thanks for reading fellas! :D


  1. damn, awalnya udah teguhin hati buat ga beli (my old compact still need me) tpi jadi berubah pikiran ni kayaknya ><

  2. dari awal liat di mini market pengen bgt cobain ini.. tapi bedak lain masi menumpuk minta dihabiskan.. baca review ini jadi galau :(
    thanks for your review btw ^^

  3. dulu aku sempet pake juga compactnya maybelline, enak sih dipake, temen-temen juga banyak yg pake..
    tapi sekarang lebih suka pake bedak tabur ce, biar ga terlalu berat :D
    nice review ce ^^

  4. pengen sih cobaiin yg varian ini,karena aku pake maybelline yg sebelumnya malah ga cocok diaku,bikin jerawatan,cakey dan kusem :(


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