Saturday, October 11, 2014

Baby Color Super Yogurt Black Contact Lens [review]

Hello everyone~ ^___^
Because today's so beautiful, why we don't compliment it with another review from me? :p LOL. Okayyy.. again, I think it's been a while since my last review about black colored contact lens hehe

It's Super Yogurt Contact Lens in BLACK
To be honest, I mostly don't use contact lens during office hours, because my eyes can be tired easily and usually office hours take 8-9 hours a day and it's not good to use contact lens in such long time!
That's why I only use them in special occasion or hanging out :] *it also applies on my frequency using semi-full makeup. Hehe

Few weeks ago when @AnitaStore (on instagram) sent me a pair of contact lens, I also got a cute purple piggy lens case. Not forget to mention that I'm also allowed to choose different prescription ^^ Yay Thank you @anitastore!


Brand Name: Baby Color
Product Name: Super Yogurt
Color: Black
Diameter: 21.8mm
Water Content: 62%
Thickness: 0.035mm
Life span: 1 year

Made in Korea

Range of Colors

At first I hesitated to choose the color, actually I wanted to choose Pink color, but I'm afraid its color won't be suitable for natural and everyday look :p I ordered Choco color, but because that color (with my requested prescription) was out of stock, at the end I decided to try Black color ^_^

It comes in blister packaging :)

Design & Pattern
I'm quite loving this lens' unique design! It resembles to flowery pattern and blends really well onto my eye iris. That's why its pattern won't visible when I use it '__' Because my natural iris color is also black.

This lens is literally suitable for dolly look! ♡ This is what I've looking for. I need a huge diameter black lens for dolly look and it makes me look like an innocent child XD Nevertheless, my office-mate says that she's afraid of my contact lens if I don't put any eye makeup ^_^; because of its huge diameter and black color, maybe it will look quite terrifying for some people. Personally for me, this lens might little bit unnatural if used daily, without makeup. Talking about its comfort, it's so comfortable! I can wear this lens for around 4-8 hours ^^

Oh iya, satu lagi.. meskipun diameternya besar, tapi contact lens ini ngga terasa mengganjal kok di mataku :) Aku pernah pake lens warna hitam lain yang brand nya X*, itu terasa ngganjel banget pas dipake >_<

Tapi ingat, yang namanya softlens itu cocok-cocokan yaa ;)
Yang cocok dan nyaman di aku, belum tentu cocok di kalian. Begitu pula sebaliknya.

natural makeup look

thick eyeliner + big black contact lens = PERFECT!
I also wore this lens for my latest  TTS Holler makeup tutorial

Pros (+)
+ Comes in blister packaging (easy to open)
+ Nice pattern and design
+ Gives instant dolly effect ^_^
+ Comfortable (I can use it for up to 4-8 hours)
+ Available in 6 colors

Cons (-)
- Not so natural for daily without-makeup face :p


Where to buy / Bisa beli di:


WA: 081320539069
LINE ID: lydiayunita
Ready Stock Jakarta

Kode diskon: sebutkan nama Xiao Vee / Shelvi pada waktu melakukan transaksi
untuk mendapatkan DISKON IDR 5.000 - IDR 10.000 ^__^ Diskon berbeda-beda tiap merk.
Just mention my name and you'll get IDR 5.000 - 10.000 OFF each transaction, 
this discount code is valid up to 11 December 2014!

So, what is your current favorite lens guys? 
Thanks for reading and until next time!


  1. The lenses look very cute and dolly!!!

    I especially like the lacy design, and the cute lens case it came with *0*

    恵美より ♥

  2. lucuuu dipake nya :D blom pernah nyobain soflen item soalnya tkut kaya alien lol tp ini lucu juga :)

  3. Pake diameter lebih besar keliatan beda ya... coba yg gray ce... tetap cute kok.... hehe

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