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Tony Moly Luminous Baby Aura CC Balm [review]

Hello everyone! It's September already! >___< Sorry for lack of updates last month..
Today I'd share my thoughts on Tony Moly Luminous Baby Aura CC Balm 
루미너스 동안광채 CC밤 (씨씨밤)

This is my first time trying a CC cream in pact version :)
I'm quite excited to try it since it's in balm form. For some reasons I prefer this kind of balm pact, rather than cushion pact. Why? Read more to find out why ^^

Tony Moly Luminous Baby Aura
Thanks to Rini, for this giveaway prize :*
Its packaging color is dominated with purplish-pink with very very simple design. Personally its design isn't my favorite :p It comes with mirror and puff. This packaging is quite handy and travel-friendly. It's also not as bulky as Etude House Magic Any Cushion. :)

Luminous Baby Aura

5 in 1 Multi-Functions CC Balm
- Primer+Moisture Cream+BB Cream+Volumer+Filler= 5 Functions!
- Plumping effect of natural raw avocado peptide
- Moisture wrapping effect by Himalayan glacier water, hyaluronic acid, Dermafluxs, Moist24
- Baby Aura Complex makes your face shiny
- Cover skin imperfections perfectly
- Fill up pores and wrinkles

Main ingredients
- Natural raw avocado peptide
- Himalayan glacier water, hyaluronic acid, Dermafluxs, Moist24
- Argan oil, honey extract, marine collagen, muco polysaccharide complex


Content: 13g
Price: 16,800 원

Luminous Baby Aura CC Balm
Ingredients list
This Luminous Baby Aura CC Balm is available in 01 Light Beige and 02 Natural Beige shades.
Mine is in 02 Natural Beige ^.^

CC Balm
How to Use?
Dispense an adequate amount onto the puff and apply on the entire face in a gentle tapping motion

Can be used up to 12 months after opened

CC Cream
Do you see the swirl pattern? Personally I prefer any BB / CC in Balm pact, because you can see clearly cream leftover inside the pact ^.^

Texture & Scent
Its texture is like a pressed BB Cream, very easy to use and create matte finish which I love very much! 
This CC Balm is a combination of primer+CC Cream+BB Cream, able to prime skin, correct uneven skin tone, and cover blemishes ^__^ 
Anyway, it scents like common BB Cream, I have no complain about this one :P

I think this one could last for around 2-3 months, depends on your makeup routine ^^

- Coverage: Medium-heavy, buildable
- Doesn't really cover my blemishes (but it's still considerable good)
- Moisturizing my skin well
- Matte finish result
- Could lasts all day

The conclusion is, I'm falling in love with this CC Balm ^____^
Have you tried this CC Balm? Do you love it as well?

Pros (+)
+ Nice coverage
+ Convenient and easy to use
+ Long last ^.^ (around 6-8 hours on me)
+ Travel-friendly
+ Quite hygienic packaging
+ Available in 2 shades
+ Quite affordable
+ Doesn't cause break out (on my skin)

Cons (-)
- No SPF
- Limited shades


Ok, I think that's all ;) Have a nice day everyone 
Thanks for reading 

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  1. bagusss banget shel hasilnya.. coveragenya bagus..sayangnya ga ada spf nya ya..
    cushion masih jadi best seller ya sampai skrg.. jadi kangen pengen pake cushion lagi haha..

  2. wah racun2... jd pngen nyobain... haha... btw blog mu mkin ckep vee, lbih suka liat yg ini, kliatan lbih fresh tmpilannya... edit sndri ta? ;)

    1. Iya bagus kok ini glo XD cobain ajaa.
      Iya bikin sendiri >_< makanya keliatan alakadarnya haha

  3. honestly, aku pengen nyoba ini vee, secara aku nggak terlalu cocok sama cushion. mboh ya kenapa, apa gara-gara ada sensasi dinginnya itu lho. weird gitu di kulitku. hahaaha. apalagi cushion nya etude house, mukaku jadi kuering pol -__- aku emang gak jodoh sama etude. wkwkw

    eniwei, aku lebih suka layout mu yang ini :D
    simple, nggak berat tapi tetep chic :3

  4. lucuuuu, kaya pemennn :3 hehehehe
    ini emang populer banget nih, ngalahin cushionnya etude kurasa sih ><


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