Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Schwarzkopf Freshlight Melty Cherry Foam Color [review]

Hello everyone! Finally last July I re-dyed my hair again ^___^
It's been really a while since my last dye.. my last dye was in 2013, exactly on same month XD
Because I'm not expert in hair dye, this time I also used hair coloring foam from Schwarzkopf~
(Since it's in foam form, it's supposed to be much easier compared than the regular hair coloring cream, isn't it?)

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Foam Color in Melty Cherry! *Phew, I still can't spell their brand name properly x___x
Anyway I bought this hair coloring because I got a promotion price in Hypermart, it costs around IDR 120.000 for 2 boxes. Yay! Such a great deal :3 I'm planning to give away the second box in my future giveaway *hint*

my hair before coloring
Just in case you're interested to read my old crappy reviews about Schwarzkopf hair coloring in Melty Mocha and Caramel Brown you can read them: HERE and HERE ^__^

Read more to find out the result~

Same as other Schwarzkopf Freshlight Foam Color series, it has white as base color, Japanese words all over the packaging and the Blythe Blythe doll. Since its name is 'Melty Cherry', its result is supposed to be red-cherry-hue-colored-hair, isn't it? :p

You can read the directions here~ They're also provide complete manual instructions inside the box :)

And I'm getting excited to get new color for my hair!

Ingredients list

You will get:
- Hair Color Cream (Agent 1)
- Developer (Agent 2)
- Nozzle
- Instruction Leaflet
- Gloves
- Treatment Conditioner

I won't re-explain the process, because I have explained it on my previous Schwarzkopf Hair Color review.
Basically you only need to follow steps on the leaflet XD
If you are unfamiliar with hair coloring chemical, I recommend you to do allergy-test first!
*the complete instructions is written on the leaflet, just read it carefully to figure out how*

Because I dyed my hair at the night, so there's no outdoor "before" photos :( sorry


Anyway, I didn't capture any photo during the process, because it was too messy ^.^
Let's jump to the result then!



After left my hair for around 30 minutes..
I rinsed my hair and applied treatment conditioner~


Does it really look different? I think no..


I'm not satisfied with the result..
I think I really need more practice.. or professional's help T__T
Personally, I still prefer Caramel Brown color and it also generated better result! :(

Pros (+)
+ Doesn't make my hair dry and frizzy
+ The Amoniac smell isn't too strong (compared to others)
+ Doesn't hurt my scalp
+ Easy to use

Cons (-)
- The result isn't as good as I expected


Actually it's not a bad product.. If only its color is shows up better, I'll give higher rating! T_T
Ok, I think that's all :')
Thank you for reading everyone!
Until next time xx


  1. dari kemaren galau mau cat rambut pake apa. tapi kayaknya mending yang cream ya daripada yang foam begini .__.

    1. Hahaaa asalkan ada yg bantuin gpp pake yg cream xD

  2. Setuju nih, kayaknya ga terlalu keliatan hasilnya, mungkin kurang lama gitu? Aku biasanya kalo ngecat suka aku lama-lamain nunggunya sampe sejam gitu, hahaha.. That's bad sih, cuma kadang gemes, suka susah warna masuk di rambut kalo ngecat sendiri..

    modimelodi | A blog by Moudy

    1. Haduh aku ga tahan kalo nunggu smpe selama itu Dy x__x ini aja nunggu 30 mnit uda ga tahan lol

  3. kurang masuk ya warnanya ci >_< ak dulu2 jg pake yg model gini tp si dd pakein suka ga rata, akhirnya bulan kmren ke salon aja cat disana dan akhirnya rata XD

    1. Kalo ke salon uda jaminan mutu hslnya oke cel XD tp ga kuat dompetnya kalo ke salon terus, apalagi klo perlu retouch >.<

  4. Yaaah sayang banget warnanya kurang masuk ya ce >< Aku jg udh males bgt kalo ngecat sendiri, jd yg terakhir ini langsung ngecat di salon wkwk xD
    Btw suka layout blog barunya ce.. Bagussss ^^ Jadi pengen ganti layout jg tp ga sempet sama sekali T_T

    1. Iyaa wrnnya ga msk ._. Apa krn rmbutku yg trlalu item ya la..ato krn kurang lama dieminnya.. haha
      Aww thank you la ^.^ iyaa km fokus dl ma kuliah ajaa XD nti klo senggang br ganti yg baru

  5. shel mending tambah dikit (budgetnya) cat di salon deh.. aku kemarin ngecat sendiri belang.. rencana mau ke salon aja nanti.. tp skrg kayaknya skip dulu ngecatnya huhuw padahal pengen >_<

    1. Hahaha iya msh pikir2 wie :p
      Iya nih selalu belang hasilnya Y_Y

  6. wah ga gitu keluar ya warnanya shel... btw blog designnya baguss...

  7. Aku pake yg lemon blonde warnanya keluar jadi coklat2 muda gitu :D skrg kalo pake cat model foam pake yg warna paling terang biar warnanya keliatan :p

  8. Cute cute ^^
    Because we have black hair, I find using a Blonde dye first then using this cherry colour a day later would give you better results ^___^

    恵美より ♥

  9. kemaren ada niat mau beli, tapi kalo ga keliatan gini.... mending engga jadi. thanks yaaaaa shel :)
    @freddy_friday blog

  10. ngga keluar warnanya... sayang beli mahal tapi ga keliatan..

  11. I wish I had read this review before I bought it ;_;
    Well I'm going to try it anyway! Thanks for sharing <3

  12. It you have a dark hair (like mine) it's always best to use very very light hair colourant. For example blonde/platinum blonde.. the lighter, the better.

    You can directly mix it with the colour of your choice (tapi pilih yang 2tone lebih muda). Atau recolournya tunggu 1 mingguan setelahnya.

    Memang warna cat rambut ga mudah masuk kalau rambut kita warna gelap, unless you bleach it first (yuck! hell no).


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