Wednesday, August 6, 2014

F&B: CUP and CRUMBS, Surabaya [review]

Hello everyone~ ^^ This is my 1st post in August!
Just back from my vacation few days ago and try to catch up with drafts and start to post again >w<
Last month, I had meet-up with my old friend in a new established cafe in Surabaya, yep, it's CUP and CRUMBS, which is located on Manyar Kertoarjo Surabaya ^__^
This gonna be a short post anyway~ XD just enjoy the pictures, ok!
It's been a while since my last post about Food & Beverage categories~ So, since I had a chance to visit this new cafe, I definitely brought my camera for blogging purpose :

Let's go inside, shall we? :)
Sorry for noisy photos, it was caused by low light >__<

First impression: this coffee shop is quite cozy and comfy.
You should place your order at the bar, because they won't serve you at your seat
Wi-fi is available here :D

2nd floor

menu board
Currently they don't provide heavy meal, just drinks, breakfast menu and side menu.
Because I don't feel hungry at the moment, I just ordered my drink ^^

I came to this place along with my BF to meet our old friend :)
I ordered Ice Oreo Cookies
Rp. 30.000 *before tax*

It tastes GOOD and yummy. Just a bit too sweet for my preference XD

My friend ordered Passion Mojito
Rp. 22.000 *before tax*
This drink is quite refreshing, sour and not bad lah :)

My receipt:

Anyway, their wi-fi connection is very good! :P LOL
I think I will back to this coffee shop again someday!

Me and my lovely friend ^_^ She went to US for 1-year college now T.T
Wish you a blessed year there, ce 
Godspeed! :)

Cup and Crumbs
Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo V/19
Open hours: 12.00-22.00

Okay, thanks for reading everyone~ ^^
See ya on my next post!


  1. This coffee shop looks cozy for sure :D It kinda reminds me of Starbucks haha. The drinks are really cheap too >.< ; I just used google to look at the prices though ^-^;;;
    and btw, the guys working in the coffe shop look so handsome haha xDD

    Mindy ♥

    1. Yeah it also kinda reminds me with sbucks ^^ their prices are so affordable as well! Hehe


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  3. You took a lot of great pictures dear.. ♡ both in quality and angle.. 👏👏👏
    Anyways.. Poffertjes, n french toast nya worth to try..
    No no for corn fritter.. Hot dog standar..
    #justsaying hehehe..
    Nice post overall :) ♡

    1. Ahh thank you ce ^^ msh cupu hihi
      Thanks for your recommendation ce :3 i will try poffertjes n french toast next time ♥

  4. ini kata e makanan e lumayan enak ce, tapi cc ga makan ya pas di situ ?
    sbelah mana e bonet sih ini ce ?
    pingin coba ksini juga >.<

    1. Iyaaa ga makan >< pas itu jam nanggung, uda mau jam mkn mlm soale haha
      Ini dkt pol ma boncafe ;)


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