Saturday, September 6, 2014

Etude House Ice Tint Balm [review]

Hello hello everyone! :)
Recently Etude House just released new tinted lip balm named Ice Tint Balm
에뛰드 하우스 아이스 틴트 밤 
As a lip balm and lip tint lover, of course I don't want to miss this product ^___^

Now let's go to my review~
Etude Ice tint balm PK002
This Ice Tint Balm packaging is pretty simple yet attractive. Each variant got different color packaging to ease people when pick the color they want to use ;)
The packaging is made in plastic material, with cute design on its box!

Colors Available

OR201 Tangerine Shower
PK001 Tropical Dream
PK002 Strawberry Mix
PP502 Grape Passion
PP501 Blueberry Lover
RD301 Apple Holic

Etude Ice tint balm PK002
This is a new type of tint balm that gently melts into lips with its cool and moist ice cream-like texture and light finish. Available in 6 colors of choice.

Price: 8,000 원
Content: 4,5gr

How to Use
Apply an even layer to clean lips. Reapply as needed.

Mine is PK002 Strawberry Mix ^-^

Etude Ice tint balm PK002

Pretty pink color with hint of purple~ ^-^

How it looks on my lips
It moisture my lips well and give nice long last tint at the same time :)
Once it's applied on my lips, it will be long last for around 3 hours.
Oh, not forget to mention that whenever I apply this Ice Tint Balm, it gives slight cool effect on my lips ^.^

Suitable for everyday and look very natural! Love it! 
FYI, I don't really like to use lipstick everyday XD So lip balm+lip tint is the answer!

Overall Thoughts
It's a good choice of tint lip balm. It could moisture lips and give nice healthy tint as well.
The only downside of this lip balm is its price, not really affordable.. considering other lip balms' price is only around 4,000-7,000. But, if you're a lip tint or lip balm junkie, you should try this one! ^_^

Pros (+)
+ Moisture lips well
+ Vibrant color
+ Available in 6 colors
+ Attractive packaging
+ Nice healthy color result
+ Doesn't sink into fine lines
+ Gives slight cool sensation once it's applied ;)

Cons (-)
- I wish its price is cheaper :p


Where to Buy?

LINE: chibis.rose
SMS / WA: 081805898064

♥ Untuk barang PO, inden hanya 10 harian saja
♥ Hanya menjual 100% Asli ORI
♥ Free samples for every purchase
♥ Trusted seller

Soooo.. what's your current favorite tinted lip balm?
Thanks for reading everyone! ^.^
See ya on my next post! 


  1. cakep banget veeeeeeeeeeeee <3
    tapi warnanya kok nggak keliatan sebold di advert-nya gitu ya :O
    nice review ~

    1. Iyaa warnanya cakep yaa sa ^^
      Iyaa namanya jg tinted lip balm xD yg di advertnya diapply puluhan kali mungkn yaa.. jd keliatan bold

  2. lucu cee.. XD aku dah mupeng yg oren hhehehe

  3. warnanya ga gitu kelihatan yaa.. mmg suka menipu nih iklannya etude hahaha XD

    1. iyaa tp udah lumayan lho itu rin ^^ tinted lip balm lainnya kan lbh sheer dari itu

  4. Dari swatch iklannya kayak opaque gitu ya, ternyata sheer hasilnya. Nice review Shelvie, thank u ^_^

    1. iyaa agak2 sheer mba esy ^^ hehe
      you're welcome :D

  5. Km olesnya kurang bnyk mgkn Shel jd kurang keliatan :D aku pngn coba yg ini jg :3 aku jg lipbalm & liptint lover loh XD selca mu lucu, cakep :3


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