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Hello hello everyone! It's such a beautiful day to start with good lip crayon! ;)
Huh? Lip Crayon? What's it? Now Let me introduce you~ These babies are IASO Natural & Vivid Lip Crayon, or just call it IASO Lip Crayon :D
[이아소 틴트 립 크레용]

So, few days ago a representative from IASO Indonesia contacted me and offered me to review their famous Lip Crayon products ^^ How can I say no? *grin*. Thank you IASO Indonesia! 

Without further ado, let's get started :D
Basically, these products are jumbo-sized lipstick in pencil form. These lip crayons come in black packaging and transparent cap. Look so professional and attractive with their typography arrangement :) IASO is a Korean High-End Cosmetic Brand, that's why their packaging look so mature and somehow luxurious.

A smooth and trendy lip tint combined the convenience of a pencil with the application of a lipstick in a jumbo-sized crayon design. Enriched with argan oil, rose hip oil and Vitamin E, each gorgeous shade glides on and stains your pout with long-lasting pride.
 For a sheer and glossy pout: NATURAL Tint
 For a bold and irresistible pout: VIVID Tint

Made in Korea
Official Korean Websites:

Price: IDR 198.000 / piece (around $19 each)

Could be bought in (Available in):
- SOGO Mall Alam Sutera Serpong Jakarta
- SOGO Central Park Jakarta
- Seibu Grand Indonesia Jakarta
- SOGO Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya

Range of Colors:

NATURAL TINT (Sheer Tint + Color Balm)
• N01 Shy Pink
• N02 Pretty Peach
• N03 Sweet Liar

VIVID TINT (Creamy Tint + Color Stick)
• V01 Flame Rose
• V02 Passion Orange
• V03 Cinema Red

Natural: Hasilnya alami, dan menyerupai warna bibir
Vivid: Warnanya kuat, jelas dan menarik perhatian :)

source: Facebook IASO Indonesia 
For NATURAL, the result is highly depends on each lips natural tone. 
The result is quite different for different lips.

For VIVID, the result is tend to be same with their true color of the lip crayon, 
but still depends on each lips natural tone

N02 Pretty Peach and V02 Passion Orange
I chose mine in N02 Pretty Peach (left) and V02 Passion Orange (right).
To be honest, they're all so tempting and I was quite confuse to choose XD

It's twistable lip crayons! :) The lip crayon's size is quite decent~

See how beautiful they are? Oh, not forget to mention that you can mix 2-3 colors for different result ^_^

The color is so vivid, pigmented and vibrant O_O really a true passionate orange!
I must say that this color is really seductive and can be used for occasional party and photoshoot

Definitely my favorite! Remember that I'm so into natural color for lip product? ;))
Though it's stated as natural color, its color still shown up pretty vibrant and has nice pigmentation!

V02 Passion Orange

N02 Pretty Peach

Overall thoughts
I LOVE THESE LIP CRAYONS! They have high moisture level and doesn't sink into fine lines :O :O
IASO Lip Crayon glides on my lips smoothly and gives nice glossy result, the glossy effect will be fades in an hour after application and leaves nice natural stain on my lips ^___^ Their longevity is good as well~ Around 4-6 hours without eating heavy meal! Their texture is the best, doesn't drying at all ♥ Thumbs up!
PS: Don't forget to exfoliate your lips properly (1-2 times a week) for best result ^_^

Pros (+):
+ Professional-look packaging
+ Works very well as moisturizing lip balm+lip color
+ Nice creamy texture, glides smoothly on lips
+ Long last for 4-6 without eating heavy meal
+ Very vibrant, and vivid colors

Cons (-):
- A little bit pricey (but it's worth every rupiah!)
- Need to pay extra attention when closing it back. If you're not careful enough, its cap might poke your precious lip crayon's bullet Y_Y


In a nutshell, I love it! 

If you're a vibrant lipstick lover, you definitely should try this one ;)
Lately, the Pretty Peach has been my ultimate weapon for everyday makeup! XD 



Facebook: IASO Indonesia

- SOGO Mall Alam Sutera Serpong
- SOGO Central Park
- Seibu Grand Indonesia

- SOGO Tunjungan Plaza

Customer Call Center: 021-29427700

Thanks for reading and hope this review is helpful enough ^__^
Bye all~ *throw flower petals*


  1. Wahhh yg warna peach beda ya dgn warna di bulletnya :o
    Tapi mmg bagus sih warnanya :D

    1. iya beda ya rin.. yg seri natural ada yg warnanya ijo juga XD
      hasilnya beda2, tergantung wrn alami bibir

  2. Aku pilih pretty peach juga Shel, warnanya natural banget. Aku suka juga sama Pretty Peachnya ^_^
    Buru-buru review juga nih :D

  3. unyuuu banget shel kamu..passion orange nya bener2 orange yaa..cakep deh.. hihi

  4. Ini wangi2 nggak Shel?

    Anyway, you've changed your layout again? Aku suka yang sebelumnya, lucu banget soalnya ^^

    1. Ngga ada wangi apa2 sih ^^
      Iyaa Baru aja ganti.. uda bosen ma yg lama soalnya >.< hihi

  5. Cakep ♡ and what a very healthy lips, LOL..
    Pretty Peach suits your cute face.. :)

  6. waaah, warnanya cakeep >.< yang Natural di kamu jatuhnya bagus banget shel :)

    1. Iyaa bagus bgt yaa ci >.< aku jg lgs naksir hehe

  7. Pretty peach cantikkkk bangettt nonn♥
    Km kliatan cute!!

  8. Suka prety peach.... warnanya bagus... harganya agak menguras kocek :v


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