Thursday, October 4, 2012

Soap & Glory Hand Food [review]

Hi my lovely friends, have you ever heard about a Korean Cosmetic Brand named Skin Food? Yes, Skin Food is like a natural and "delicious" food for skin. One day I got a product from ci Phanie, as my twitter giveaway prize.. It's Hand Food from Soap & Glory *w*
I was so excited because that was first time I heard about a brand named Soap & Glory. I knew this brand is comes from UK afterward (-‿◕)
After I received this product, I was like..."Hand Food? So, will my hand loves this hand cream?"

The most astonishing hand cream ever? YOU DECIDE!

non-greasy hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow

details of packaging
Packaging: the main color of the packaging is pink, which I love so much 
The packaging is simple, eye-catching and handy. Ideal for travelling.
Content: 50ml

 Made in London.
Further information:

As you can see.. this product also contains paraben.. x_x 

it comes with secure flip-top cap

Texture: quite thick, yet can be absorbed easily into skin.
leave sticky feeling afterward (but the sticky feeling will disappear after 3-5 minutes)

I don't know where we are able to buy this hand cream in Indonesia, ci Phanie bought this at Sephora store in Singapore :)

Personally I like this hand cream.. It's non-greasy and really moisturizing my hand with its shea butter and macadamia oil substance. Another plus point about this hand cream is, the scent! Very relaxing, yet not too sweet. I don't know how to describe the fragrance >.< Maybe it's like a mix of marshmallow and shea butter, lol.

What I love <3
+ Moisturizing my hand well
+ Makes my hand become smoother than before
+ Nice fragrance
+ Pinky packaging <3
+ Ideal for travelling

What I hate </3
- It leaves little bit sticky feeling after application
- When I open the cap at public place, somehow some people pay attention to me because of its sound *-*

☆ Packaging: 4/5
☆ Performance: 4.5/5
☆ Ease of application: 5/5
 Durability: 4/5
☆ Hygiene: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Maybeeee someday, If I have opportunity to visit Sephora XD my hands love this hand cream~

How about you? Have you tried this Hand Food?
What's your current favorite hand cream? ^-^
Thanks for reading~


  1. nice review vee...:)
    I want try it too..>_<
    where I can buy it?

    1. thankyou wei ^^
      ummm i don't know >.< sephora in sg, hehe

  2. Lots of hand cream that I tried either leave a sticky feeling, or feels oily on your hands. I guess that's their trait? Hahahaha

  3. semoga sephora cepet buka di kota casablanka ya biar org Indo ga susah kl nyari produk2 import lagi ^^

  4. lucu ya namanya.. hand food xD
    plus point banget ya klo ga lengket2.. :3

    1. iya lucu wkwk..
      tp emg stlh itu ga bikin greasy sih ^^

  5. ce... mau nanya .
    aroma nya gimana ce ?


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