Sunday, October 21, 2012

Skin Food Nail Vita BR608 [review]

Hi all~ Happy Sunday!! Hopefully you have a good day ;)
Today I will share my quick review about nail polish from Skin Food, Nail Vita in BR608 \(*v*)/
I have reviewed Nail Vita Nail Essence couple of weeks ago, and now I will review this nude color nail polish ;)
I didn't know that Skin Food has changed the packaging shape o.o
Made from sturdy glass, not cute xD but looks quite professional.

Enriched with vitamins and keratin, this long-lasting nail polish protects dehydrated and rough nails, with enhanced shine.

* To Use
After trimming, apply onto nails. Color may vary depending on number of coats applied.

It dries quickly, mistake-proof stroke and really easy to use ^^
only need 2 thin coats for a nice coated nails :D

SWATCH on my nails:

looks so natural, mature and suitable for any formal occasion ^^

I loveeee Nail Vitaaaaa! Easy to use and NO visible stroke-motion ^____^
*maksudnya, tidak ada bekas guratan kuasnya :p*

Don't forget to apply base coat before, and apply top coat afterward :)

What I love <3
+ Cheap
+ Available in many colors
+ Contains vitamin & keratin
+ Mistake-proof stroke
+ Dries quickly

What I hate </3
- Nothing atm! (oh, maybe they should design the packaging become cuter? xD haha)

Rating: 4.5/5

Repurchase? Yes ^^

I got mine from My Lovely Corner Shop :) 
You can contact her to know the exact price (^u^)/
Don't forget to mention XIAO VEE to get:
Free ongkir (Jakarta) ^^
Disc 5% for ready stock
Disc 10% for handmade stuff

Thanks for reading all ;)
Have a nice day~!


  1. eh, warnanya bgus ya :o
    kemarin aku beli face shop yg isi 3 itu, yg bisa dtumpuk2 warnanya
    tapi aku belum coba, hehe, belum sempet T-T


    1. faceshop? hehe jd penasaran git ^^ ditunggu yaa hasilnyaa

  2. warnanya bagus shel~ keliatan natural dan cocok kalau pakai baju warna apa pun :D

  3. Natural banget warnanya,cocok dipake buat kmn ajah :D
    Tp botolnta emang sama skali gak cute yah XD

    Mind to following each other?

    1. iyaa hehe :)
      gonna visit your blog, thanks ^^

  4. Wah ternyata bagus pas dipakai, tadinya mau beli tapi ragu. Ehh skrg uda sold out huu huu

    1. hehe coba aja ikut PO ^^ smoga bs dapet yaa :)

  5. wah, jadi pengen coba juga
    nice review dear

    visit and follback my blog yah


  6. suka warnanya . keliatan natural


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