Thursday, October 11, 2012

Orly Feel The Vibe [review]

Neon colors never die~ neon colors remind me to cheerfulness and bright day ;D
So, today I'd share my thoughts and review about this Orly's Mani Mini variant, Feel The Vibe \(´▽`)/
I have watched so many nail polish experts on Youtube who love to use Orly Nail Polish as their daily nail polish before ;3 Of course I really want to try Orly as well and BubbleTalk Shop kindly sponsored this item for review purpose ^^ Though this item is sponsored, of course I will only give my honest personal thoughts :)

Packaging: Cute and fit to any pocket or purse xD its cap has a doff surface and the bottle made of sturdy glass.

Yes, these nail polishes are perfect for pocket or purse, they're so tiny and so collectible xD 
visit to see the complete line of Mani Mini colors.

This Mani Mini variant, consists of:
1. Beach Cruiser, 5.3 ml
2. Skinny Dip, 5.3 ml
3. Melt Your Popsicle, 5.3 ml
4. Glowstick, 5.3 ml 
PS: I have captured the ingredients, just in case you want to know its ingredients ;p

Colors: each color has opaque color and fine texture. Glowstick has the most sheer color.

Formula: easy to apply, dry quite fast ;)
I don't find any difficulty when apply these nail polishes. Just make sure that you do the right steps to apply nail polish, and everything will be perfectly fine :D


My opinions:
1. Beach Cruiser: brushstroke free result, only need 1 coat, the most intense color
Hasilnya: tidak ada garis-garis bekas guratan kuas, hanya butuh 1 lapisan untuk warna yang intens, warnanya paling intens dibandingkan yang lain.

2. Skinny Dip: almost brushstroke free result, need 2 coats, less intense color.
Hasilnya: garis-garis bekas guratan kuas hampir tak terlihat, warnanya kurang intens, butuh 2 lapisan untuk hasil terbaik.

3. Melt Your Popsicle: almost brushstroke free result, need 2 coats, the color is not as intense as Beach Cruiser but more intense than Glowstick.
Hasilnya: garis-garis bekas guratan kuas hampir tak terlihat, butuh 2 lapisan untuk hasil terbaik, warnanya tidak se intense Beach Cruiser tapi lebih intens daripada Glowstick

4. Glowstick: the visible brushstroke result, need 3 coats, the color is the most less intense than others.
Hasilnya: garis-garis bekas guratan kuas paling kelihatan pada warna ini, butuh 3 lapisan untuk hasil terbaik, warnanya yang paling tidak intens dibanding yang lain.

When I applied all colors on my nails.. colorful! Candies on my nails (≧∇≦) hihi~
FYI: I prefer short nails because I am unable to play a guitar with long nails ;s

Cam-whoring time ( ˆ▽ˆ ) hehe
ouch.. rambutku udah mulai megar lagi -,- *nasib rambut tebal* kayaknya harus segera ke salon untuk menipiskan rambut singa ini, fufufu~

I feel like a Sailormoon xD ROFL.. Moon Prism Power!

What I love <3
+ Get 4 colors in one package
+ Nice texture and formula
+ Opaque colors
+ Available in many variants <3
+ Affordable!
+ Pretty nails for photoshoot session ;3

What I hate </3
- Not wearable for everyday (i mean, not everyone is confident with neon nails for daily basis xD)

Rating: 4/5

And I would love to purchase other colors of Orly ;3 hehe

If you are interested to buy Orly, OPI, ZOYA, OZOTIC, piCture pOlish etc, don't miss this trusted online shop (✿◠‿◠) based in Indonesia ;)
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WHERE I got this Feel the Vibe?
♥ BubbleTalk Shop 
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Thanks for reading all! Stay beautiful inside and outside ^-^
Cheers :D


  1. waw, mupeng sama warna orange dan pink-nya :D :D
    lucu ya kalo dipake warna warni, kaya permen xD sukaaaa ~

    1. iyaa lucuu hehe ^^ klo aku plg suka sama orange dan biru ;D

  2. I love this colors ^^

  3. Tapi rambut kamu ga kelihatan gede kok :D
    Kukunya lucuuu ^^
    Warna kuteknya lucu* yaaaa

    1. oiyaa? tp ttp kurang pede dgn rambut gini >.< hehe
      iyaa lucu ;3

  4. Great review ^__^
    I Love neon colors <3

  5. Jadi ingat permen marble deh. ahahaa
    berasa manis gitu kukunya XD

  6. orange nya lucuuuu, pingiinn, tp kukuku buntet makanya ga pernah bahas kuteks wkwkwkkk

    rambutmu bagus kok, ga megar sama sekali :) tapi yg paling aku suka adalah ekspresimu, cute banget :) *berasa tua huhuhuuuu T_T*

    1. iya orangenya jg gampang aplikasinya xD
      masa? udh mulai menebal padahal >.< makasih c ^^ banyakin foto2 diri di blog jg dong c :3 *pengen liat*

  7. cantik cantik cantik!! yang begini berapaan ve?

    1. 160rb kalo di bubbletalk say ^^ coba kontak dia langsung yah, banyak warna2 lain jg ;)

  8. wrnya canik2 colorful....>_<

  9. Wow, I never tried Orly nail polishes but they seem really nice! Thanks for the swatches. ^^

    ★ Cookiie

  10. Love Neon :)

    follow me thanks :)

  11. "NB: ada yang tau istilah yang lebih tepat daripada stroke-motion?"
    The word you're looking is brushstroke ;)
    Great review! Thanks a lot :D

    Please visit my blog for nail art designs and nail-related product review

    1. thank you so much for your suggestion! <3

    2. You're very welcome :D
      And thanks for following my blog. I truly appreciate it :))

  12. wawww. warnanya nge jRENG sekali :))


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