Monday, October 15, 2012

Etude House Highlight Me Body Glam [review]

Anyone who has waiting for this review? Today I'll present to you my thoughts about this pinky thing from Etude House  (^▽^)  It's Highlight Me Body Glam. It's a brightener for your body!

Actually I never intend to buy this product, since I think this kind of product is made for girls who has long & attractive legs and want to show off theirs (for example, K-pop singers and girlgroups), lol xP
One day I got opportunity to try this product because I won this product from Etude House Global FB Page :) I was curious about this product as well. Finally few weeks ago I tried it.

Highlight Me! Body Glam SPF50+/PA+++
Brighten your body, brighten your charm.

Content: 20gr

This golden-pink shimmering, glimmering body brightener improves the health and attractiveness of body and legs. Formulated with Argan Oil & Rose Water to moisturize and smooth skin.

Direction: For glimmering result, apply puff. To accentuate glow, buff with circular motion.

err sorry my camera couldn't catch the descriptions and ingredients clearly :s they should've put larger fonts, lol.

It has hot pink as its main color. Consists of a convenient & big puff and huge amount of product. But it's bulky and not travel-friendly :x

There is a plastic separator between the the "cream" and powder. 
I don't know why the color become beige-ish in these photos o_o The fact is, its color is pinkish!

Please excuse the different color of its product, actually its color is pink =w=a

subtle pink and hint of shimmer

Texture: reminds me with foundation in pressed form. It's quite creamy, and easy to blend. Don't worry, this body glam will brighten your body without make it become like a disco ball. It's lighweight, but little bit sticky.

I like to use this body brightener when I have to use a dress or short pants at morning or noon. It brightens my legs and arms, and shows a glowing healthy skin effect. Another plus is, it protects my skin (with SPF50+/PA+++) from harmful sun rays! :D
Any minus point? Yes it's bulky :s

What I love <3
+ Brighten my skin instantly, without makes my body like a disco ball
+ It has subtle shimmer, gives glowing healthy skin effect
+ Has SPF50+/PA+++
+ Huge amount (20g)
+ Has a big puff, which is convenient to apply it on my leg and arm.
+ Easy to blend
+ Affordable, it costs around IDR 130,000-150,000 in Indonesia
+ Quite long lasting
+ Quite waterproof

What I hate </3
- Bulky packaging
- Feels sticky little bit

Rating: 4/5

Repurchase? Maybe ^-^ since I'm still not sure that I can finish up this one, lol

What do you think about this product?
Have you tried any similar product? Share with me ^^
Thanks for reading :D


  1. wah kayaknya ini cocok buat orang yang suka pentas/eksis:p yang suka di balik layar...produk ini cuma buat mainan kali ya *like me*

    1. huahaha iya cocoknya emg yg buat suka pentas / pake rok ato celana mini sih >.< aku pake ni klo pas ada photoshoot pagi2 ato siang2 gt hehe

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah GEDE BANGET!! >.<
    aku pikir ukurannya kayak compact powder >.<

  3. wow ada spf 50 nya :O tp iya juga sih, kalo buat aku buat dipake kalo ngapain ya,,hhe

    1. hehe iya ^^ ni mungkin bakal lbh berguna klo dipake model2 yg biasa foto outdoor sih *aku jg jarang foto2 outdoor*

  4. ini kalo keringetan luntur ya? luntur ny bikin bekas d kain ga?

    follow me

    1. hmmm asal keringetannya ga parah sih, ga luntur :) ga bekas di kain kok

  5. "...without make it become like a disco ball."
    I love the way you express your thoughts ! :D

  6. Buat pesta bagus tuhh..beli dimana sai?

  7. BIsa nutupin noda scar di tubuh ga ya?

  8. the packaging is kinda strange for the etude house o-o haha or its just me~ xD

    1. haha, unlike other Etude House's product? xD it's still cute thought ^^

  9. aaaaa bagus, jd kliatan cling gt <3 kapan2 beli ahhh.. thanx vee reviewnya :D

  10. Oooow ini toh yg bikin kaki SNSD di Genie keliatan mulus, jenjang, dan kenceng.hehe

    1. wakakak mungkin mrk pake produk sejenis highlight me body glam xD hehe

  11. does it works well for the yellowish skin tone?


    1. i think yes :) because I have yellow undertone skin

  12. hi, im nadz, yr new reader from malaysia. I really like your review and blog. :) glad i found yr blog.

    one thing i must ask, are u muslim? because from the look and yr name as if you are chinese but there are posts mentioning about halal things.
    i become curious, so i need to ask. hope u dont mind.:)

    1. hi nadz ^^ thanks for visiting my blog <3

      thanks for asking, i don't mind at all ^^
      i'm not muslim dear :D few months ago I posted about halal things because I joined a writing contest about kosmetik halal :)
      nice to know you!

  13. vee, di surabaya ada komunitas yang suka make-up gitu gak? :D

  14. belum pernah pake yang beginian -_-


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