Wednesday, December 31, 2014

BYE 2014, HELLO 2015

Hello there! How do you celebrate New Year Eve?
As usual, I always spend my NYE in my hometown, with no party or Instagram-able fancy things ^.^ Having simple dinner and spending quality time with family in front of TV while snacking and do some chit-chats. Sounds boring? That's what we always do every year and I enjoy it =D Then we watch and play with fireworks till get bored with those stuffs. LOL.

Anyway I also want to send my sympathy and deep condolences for some of passed-away passengers of Air Asia QZ8501 :(( None of my friends/acquaintances/relatives were in that crashed plane, but my heart was also sinking as I heard about that devastating news..
If you were relatives or friends of those passengers, please do not lose hope.. We still have more passengers that haven't found. Keep praying and hoping they're still stay safe and sound.. wherever they are.. And hopefully we will hear about them as soon as possible..

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Have you re-check your 2014 resolutions? How many resolutions that you've finished successfully? :p As for me, I only finished my half! Time to make another resolutions list. LOL

Thank you for my readers who have reading my blog, following my blog and leaving comments :)
Thank you for my partners in business and sponsors of this blog! You all have motivating me to update my blog more often! Thank you ^.^


God bless you all :D


  1. happy 2015. now im going to make a list of new years resolutions, you inspired me to do so :)
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)


    1. Happy new year :)
      thanks for stopping by, but FYI I don't do follow each other thing. You may follow my blog if you're truly interested with this blog, and I may won't follow yours unless I'm interested with your blog content. Thanks!


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