Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Aura Day and Night Cream by Little Baby [review]

Hello everyone! Hopefully you won't get bored as I have bombarded you with my recent Little Baby products review XD After I've finished up Salmon Bright Facial Cream (read the REVIEW), I tried another Thailand skin care face cream which is kindly sponsored by @ayako_beautyshop88, the official distributor of Little Baby Thailand in Indonesia :)

Here we are, Aura Day & Night Cream by Little Baby!

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Facial cream with aloe vera leaf juice that helps sooth your skin and protect the skin from irritation. Together with a powerful antioxidant from Garcinia Mangostana Peel Powder that helps protect your skin from free radicals, plus jojoba oil and Shea butter that nourishes your skin for a softer and hydrated skin.

FDA. 10-1-5700699

It contains:
- Garicinia Mangostana Peel Powder
- Mangifoli Tree Nuts
- Jojoba Oil
- Aloe Vera

Its box design is so cute! :D Nice idea to add princessy feeling by designing its box to become sort of kingdom treasure box :p Otherwise, its jar design is less impressive compared than the box itself ^_^;; Both of them are dominated with soft pink color.

Content: 10 gr

Price: IDR
(you'll get this product + coco soap!)

Untuk harga tepatnya, bisa langsung ditanyakan langsung ke @ayako_beautyshop ya ^_^
Untuk harga, menurutku lebih murah dibandingkan facial cream lain dari Thailand yang harganya diatas 350rb *___* apalagi udah dapet FREE coco soap :) What a nice deal!

Get FREE coco soap for each purchase of this Aura Day & Night Cream

No English translation! Asdfgh @_@

Manufacture date: 010414
Expiry date: 010415

Its box is so princessy and cute ♥♥♥

Texture & Scent
It has quite thick texture, yet still can spreadable easily ^_^ I have no complain in blending this cream on my face. It smells like rum and I find its scent is quite pleasant~

Hello~ it's my morning face.. Let me I zoom it out for you :p
my nose is little bit greasy, and it's normal, since I have normal-combination skin type
my bare face, after took shower
Overall Thoughts
I have been using this Aura Day & Night Cream for around a month, and thankfully it doesn't cause skin break out ^_^ *relieved*. In first 1-2 weeks, I couldn't find any significant result after using this cream.. Time passed by and it started to does good job after 2 weeks.. my skin feels so supple, smooth and got improved! :) Every morning when I wake up, I figured out that my skin looks so nice and fresh. Hehehe :p
Conclusion? It's not kind of a skin care product that will give out instant result, nice! :)

Little Baby Aura Day and Night Cream, recommended Thailand skin care

Pros (+)
+ Easy to spread and blend
+ Makes my skin become supple & smooth
+ Smells quite good
+ No break out
+ Travel friendly
+ Cute packaging!
+ Can get free coco soap from Ayako Beauty Shop! :)

Cons (-)
- No English translation
- Its jar is less cute compared than its box :p
- Only 10gr


Where to Buy?
/ Beli di /

Ayako Beauty Shop
Official Distributor Little Baby Indonesia

Instagram: @ayako_beautyshop88
LINE ID: ayako-beautyshop
WA: 081237336646
Pin BBM: 21E7940E
Kakao ID: ayakobeautyshop
No HP (SMS Only): 081239357991

Any question?
Thanks for reading all ^^
God bless you


  1. iyaa bener ce, boxnya super lucu dan girly, tapi syg jar nya ga sebagus boxnya -_-
    prtanyaan sm kek jessica ce, utk kulit oily kek gini bikin galau mau coba ini itu ..

    1. Iyaa wid >.< jar nya lbh polos.
      Pertanyaan uda kujwb diatas yaa

    2. okee ce xD
      btw aku suka header cc yg baru, christmas theme <3 <3

  2. Boxnya lucu banget,cuma sayang aja jarnya nggak selucu boxnya ya..

  3. Kalau krim aurany ga ada tanggal exp. Itu asli atau palsu sist?


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