Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Victoria's Secret Color Shine Lip Gloss #Rebel [review]

Hello everyone :D I'm here again! Hopefully you won't get bored with me *___*
Today I'd like to share my review about Victoria's Secret Color Shine Lip Gloss in Rebel shade.
This is my 2nd product of Victoria's Secret :) You can read my review about Victoria's Secret Palette HERE.

This review is supposed to be up last month T_T But due to some problems and hectic schedule, I can't make it, sorry... Thanks to team who has sent me this product for review purpose 

Simple yet elegant enough. You may see the color clearly throughout the transparent packaging. The packaging itself comes from quite sturdy plastic and not so fragile (unless you smack it onto wall, LOL)

Well, because I can't found description of the product, I can't write it down here >_<
Color: REBEL
Made in USA

Content: 2.8ml

This Victoria's Secret Color Shine Lip Gloss has regular wand, little bit pointy and I have no problem with the applicator.

Color & Texture
It has orange-ish coral nude color. So shiny and shimmery, very suitable for special occasion :) I think you will like this lipgloss if you're a fan of natural makeup like me. This lip gloss has sticky texture, but it's still tolerable..

See..? The color is sooo natural, with additional of shiny effect ^_^
Oh, not forgot to mention that Victoria's Secret Color Shine Lip Gloss has quite nice scent :) 
Its scent doesn't bothers me at all!

Overall Thoughts
This lip gloss might be loved by anyone who loves natural and nude color, but somehow I wish it has better color pay-off '____' Overall, this lip gloss is not bad.. Anyway please don't ask about the price.. Because I don't know LOL XD

Pros (+)
+ Nice and natural color
+ Nice shiny effect
+ Elegant packaging

Cons (-)
- Not so pigmented
- Only stays for around 3 hours on my lips (without eating)


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Thanks for reading everyone~
See ya on my next post! 


  1. The color is very sweet!
    You look so cute and adorable honey! ^___^

    ❤ ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  2. packaging nya lucu kak, tapi hasilnya hampir gak keliatan warnanya yaa..

  3. warnanya natural ya,tapi ga pigmented. packagingnya elegan ^^

  4. Sejauh ini belum ketemu postingan ce vee pake lippie yang matte gituh.. hihi
    Tapi ce vee pake lipstick n lipgloss apapun tetap cocok... ^_^
    Yg ini natural keliatannya


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