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こんにちわ, みんあさん! Konnichiwa minna-san! ^___^
I'm pretty excited with this month's IBB Make Up Challenge (May 2014)!
Some of you probably know that I was an otaku since Junior High School. Before I got hooked by K-drama and K-pop; I couldn't get enough with Japanese manga, anime and dorama!! :3

Well, as I have started my life as college student, I had no much time to read manga and watch anime T___T *Blame on all assignments and exams, LOL

Because I have become huge fans of Japan, I really wanna go to Japan somedayyyyyy 
That's my dream since I was in Elementary School T_____T
Okay back to topic, so this IBB MUC theme is: FUN MAKEUP ALL ABOUT JAPAN.

IBB is stands for Indonesian Beauty Blogger, and this makeup challenge is opened to all members in IBB group :) You don't have to be registered officially in IBB Database to join this MUC. As long as you've joined into the Facebook group, you can join this MUC :D

This month's makeup challenge prizes is sponsored by Japan Softlens, and the total prizes are IDR 2.730.000 for 5 winners! How generous they are! *Q*

Click read more to see my entries for this IBB MAY MUC ^___^

1st Makeup Look 
Japanese High School Girl Makeup Look

I always love Japanese uniform ^___^ They're so cute and I just can't resist it!
I guess I've started to love Japanese uniform since Sailormoon era 
Example of Japanese High School Girls: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
I've always wanted to wear this kind of uniform and pretend like a Japanese high school student XD
Special thanks to my lovely friend, A-chan who has kindly lent me her costume 

For this makeup look, I didn't wear too much eyeshadow. I only applied champagne color all over my lid, wear Diamond Lashes, apply a lot of white eyeliner on my lower lashes and emphasize my natural lower lashes with mascara ^___^ Since it's Japanese High School Student Makeup Look, I still want to keep it quite natural. Big diameter contact lens & white eyeliner definitely makes my eyes look bigger and rounder :D

And, I always love half high-two pigtails hairstyle (dunno how to name it correctly) ^___^
I found that it's sooo adorable.. Though I had no guts to use this kind of hairstyle when I was in High School Y____Y haha..

Me: こんにちわ!ねこやま ゆかり です!
(Hello! I'm Nekoyama Yukari)

Nekoyama Yukari, a very cheerful and diligent high school student. She has high compassionate towards weak animal and people. She is always surrounded by her friends and cats. (She loves cats so much!).

Akhirnya keinginan untuk foto-foto pake baju seragam jepang yang kayak gini keturutan juga XD
Gimana, udah mirip anak SMA belom? LOL *digampar massa*

Mahou Shoujo Neko-chan / Magical Cat Girl Heroine Makeup Look

Hehe, another favorite sub-genre of mine is Mahou Shoujo (魔法少女) or Magical Girl ^___^
Japan has tons of fantasy anime or manga with Mahou Shoujo as their sub-genre :D Started from childhood anime like Sailormoon, Wedding Peach, Tokyo Mew Mew, Card Captor Sakura and so on. I bet you can't mention them one by one, because it's really A LOT.

Commonly they have similarities, such as.. they are regular high school students and due to magical accident or fate, they suddenly own supernatural power and can transform to Magical Girl or Mahou Shoujo :D
For this second look I was inspired by Tokyo Mew Mew, not exactly the same. But I was inspired by a Magical Cat Girl Heroine ^___^

Once upon a time, a regular High School Student named Nekoyama Yukari has bitten by mysterious cat and she has supernatural power now! She can transform into Magical Cat Girl or you can call her "Mahou Shoujo Neko-chan"

She only can transform into Magical Cat Girl at the night, she is brave and has nice super agility like real cat! She committed to save poor animals and weak people as many as she can. She wants a better world and want to reduce criminality in this city. Fight the evils is her dedication now.

LOL XD Super-spontaneous story of mine... 

thicker false lashes and rounder eyes

Me: Who says that I have no claws?? I only show my claws to the evil people *smirk*
These are alter ego of mine.. You just met Nekoyama Yukari & Mahou Shoujo Neko-chan~ ;P

So what do you think about my makeup looks? XD
For these looks, I only wore neutral eyeshadows and concentrate on my lashes ^___^

Neko-chan in her uniform outfit :3
*licking her hand*

*surprised cat expression*
Tried to mimic this surprised cat expression XD Nyahaha~

So, this is me.. Nekoyama Yukari.. I'm a regular high school student at noon, and become Magical Cat Girl at night. Will you keep support me to save poor animals and the needy in this city? ;)
*dramatic ending*

Which one do you prefer, guys? ^_____^
Thanks for reading and wish me luck 


  1. cantik ce ^^
    suka banget yg cat girl, imutt :D
    Good luck~

  2. Shelll kamu imut bangetttt. Good luck ya cantik ^_^
    Suka makeupnya, lucuuu ^3^

  3. Lucu makeup looknya
    lucu yang makeup look ke 1.
    Good luck ya :D


  4. cantik km imoed..imoed bgt.. masi pantes ma seragam sma

  5. aaaaa...kamu kawaiii bangetttt hihi

  6. paling suka yang cat girl <3 good luck shel ^_~

    1. Thank you ci ^^ smoga kali ini aku beruntung hehe

  7. Aaa.. superr cutee nonn♥♥♥
    Paling suka look ke 2..
    Good luck non

  8. cc, eyeliner putih ny pke merk apa ya?

  9. aaa lucuu yg neko nya ;3
    good luck ci~

  10. gemessshhhh! cubit pipinya sampe biruuu! hahahaha
    kita seumuran tapi kamu masih imut2 gini loh vee , jadi merasa muka tuaa :))) hahaha

  11. km kok kejam gt va? T.T hiks
    ngga lahh vaa.. cm kebtulan aja km keliatan lbh dewasa >.<

  12. Cece unyu bangeettt ^^
    Suka yang neko girl
    Goof luck ceeee ♡

  13. Aaaa ce shelvi imut sekaliiiii >w<
    Good luck yaa ce ^^

  14. Veeee kamu cantik bangeeet. Suka deh sama kedua makeup looknya. Oh ya, telinga kucingnya bisa beli dimana??


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