Friday, May 9, 2014

Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch [review]

Heyhooooo~ Anyone here who doesn't has dark circle? 
I believe most of us definitely can't deny that ugly truth T___T

Yes, I am. I have horrible dark circle.. caused by always-sleep-late habit..
Last month, I got a chance to tried this cute eye patch XD Who can resist it? ㅋㅋㅋ

This eye patch is Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch. Why it named as "Panda's dream"? Well.. let me guess.. maybe panda secretively has a dream to lighten their dark circles? XD LOL, Who knows?
Panda is totally cute just the way they are.. How about me with dark circle? Not cute at all.. T___T

Simple and adorable design. I think this is new design ^^ Totally loveee it! 
It's just irresistible! XD

Content: 7ml

Descriptions behind the packaging, in Korean and English.
The instructions are pretty clear ^_^

The under eye patch is designed to vitalize the skin around eyes that appear dark and dull due to various elements.

Tear open and apply to the eye. Leave on for 10-20 minutes and then remove.

 Price: $3.84 in W2beauty

When I torn the packaging, it comes in two pieces of eye patch :) 
It also has plastic net, to separate each eye patch.
All you need is place them on your eyes area, leave them for 10-20 minutes ^^ ~Have a beauty sleep

This eye patch is quite unique, because I can cover all over my eyes area and I looked like a blind panda! O_O hahaha. *just kidding*

The size of eye patch itself is quite big and it's hard to capture proper photos with this "blinded fold" >__<
Well, I'm such an impatient person.. I really can't lie on bed without doing anything in 10-20 minutes..
I listened to music while waiting for 20 minutes XD

How is it?
It has rich essence and my eyes feel so fresh and supple afterwards ^_^ It doesn't has weird scent and little bit sticky. Its essence absorbs quite fast into my eyes area.. Well, I know you are waiting for before-after photo :p Are you ready to see it?







As you can see.. my eyes area look slightly lighter than before.. :O
Though it doesn't really bring significant result, I'm quite happy with this eye patch's performance :)

- Slightly lightens my stubborn dark circle
- Cute packaging
- Refresh my eyes area
- Moisten my eyes area

- Only can be used once


Where to buy?

They ship worldwide and will provide lots of samples as bonus ^_^
Trust me, Alice (the owner) is one of the most friendly online store owners ever!
I'm so satisfied with their reliable and fast service :)

Ok... bye for now, I want to take my beauty sleep first XD
in order to get rid of my beloved dark circle, LOL.
Thanks for readinggggg 

Much love,


  1. Lucuuu eye patch nya ahaha xD
    Emg kayanya klo mau ilangin dark circlensusah ya harus sabar T_T

    1. iya lucuk hehe..
      harus super sabar dan telaten sih >_< ga boleh tidur telat2 trs T_T

  2. Liat fotomu lsg cek.. hihi.. lucu bgt wrnanya item bneran kyk panda ya..^O^

    Nice review.. thank youu

  3. aihhhhssss kamu unyu banget sihhh miss panda hehehe :*

    1. unyu apanyaa git O_O muka ketutup gitu wkwk
      bisa aja km git :*

  4. Gyaa… lucu bgt… lingkaran mata mang nyebelin…

  5. Hahaha bener-bener kayak panda ya matanya hitam bulet gede gitu. Miss panda cute ini sih haha
    Memang sayang kalo produk gini cuma bisa dipake sekali doank ya T_T

    1. iyaa tp lumayan menyegarkan di mata sih ci ^^ hehe

  6. Lucu banget patchnya aku kira bakal kayak yang punya etude ,tapi hasilnya bagus iniii ,dalam 1x use udah mencerahkan
    Ah pengen nyobaaaa

    1. Iya lumayan kok hasilnya ^^ meskipun ga terlalu noticeable sih hehe

  7. lucu bgt desain masknya, jadi pengen coba!

  8. Lucu eye patchnya, sesuai sama namanya, panda, mata panda kan item .. terus bisa dibuka lagi ..
    kapan-kapan pengen coba juga deh ..
    nice review, and nice to meet you sabtu kemarin :p

  9. hihii lucu ya item gitu kalo dipake >,<
    hasilnya juga langsung kelihatan bedanya kak :)

  10. ih unyu bnget eye patchnya, ntar panda nanti apa lagi ya. hehe
    pengen nyobaiin tapi gak punya dark circle sih

  11. very nice review <3 I love the result

  12. I've tried it too but it didn't work as good as it did for you, but I liked how moisturising and refreshing it is!
    check my review if you want ^^

  13. Unyu deh pas dipake, lucu kyak mata panda... LOL
    Mantap postingan nya, recomended banget yah untuk mengatasi tidur begadang bikin dibawah mata jadi item...

  14. Halo...
    Kalo mu liat exp datenya gimana y?
    Ada tanggalnya 20160207
    Ngga tau itu kode produksi atau exp datenya ...


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