Monday, January 20, 2014

Face Shop Face it Lemon Brightening Nail Pack [review]

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I guess it's my first review during this January? Haha >w<

So, basically end of last year, my nails were so unattractive due to nail polish application in quite a long time.
I was quite curious with Nail Pack from The Face Shop - Face It line and luckily I got it from Ce Siska & Ce Yusi from NailBar2013 event ^^

The Face Shop - Face It Lemon Brightening Nail Pack

An easy to use *the one and only nail pack in the world* fingernail care pack that provides concentrated care on the fingernail and cuticle.
Just putting on your fingers it provides concentrated care on your nails in an affordable price without having to go a nail shop. You can watch TV or having your hair done at the salon, a simple portable nail care that you can do anywhere and anytime.
3 different nail care products depending on your nail concern, whether it is for brittle nails or dry nails etc. You can choose the right product for you.

It comes in dual pouch, made in plastic material and just like common mask sheet, it's so convenient to bring anywhere! For the design itself, it's dominated with black-yellow colors, simply attractive! :)

How to use?
After washing your hands, take out the product from the dual pouch and put the big sheet on your left thumb and the other 4 sheets on the rest of your fingers. Open the other pouch and do the same with your right fingers. Leave it on for 10 to 15 mins and massage the remaining product into fingers.

In case you're curious about the others variant of this Nail Pack, there are in Paraffin Nutrition & Milk Calcium ^^

I started with left hand first, then continued to right hand :D

The essence inside~

It took around 15-20 minutes for every hand for me..
It's quite boring since I only can watch TV during this process >_<

Before-after the application! Can you spot the differences?
Personally I couldn't find the significant effect after used this nail pack >_<
But my cuticle feels so soft afterward, and my nails slightly become shinier than before. I want to try the Milk Calcium & Paraffin variants next time :)

What I love 
+ Convenient packaging
+ Affordable
+ Easy application
+ Can be used anytime & anywhere

What I hate 
- There's no significant effect after used this brightening nail pack


It wasn't bad actually ^^ Maybe it just wasn't suitable for my current nail concern :)

If you are interested to try these nail pack, you can ask BeautyBar2010 ^.^ Buat kalian yang berdomisili di Surabaya dan mau bikin nail art tanpa harus keluar rumah, bisa kontak mereka juga ;) Read my post about their service HERE.

Contact Number: 0812-3254-1015


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