Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcoming 2014!

I hope this topic still isn't out of date XD This is my 1st post in 2014 ^____^
Happy New Year my readers!!
Thanks for reading my blog till now :'D
Dari yang isinya jelas sampe gak jelas, hahaha..
maap kalo ada salah kata ato salah paham lainnya yaa..

It's time to reminisce my 2013 ^__^
My Memorable moments in 2013:

1. Winning GoFresh Blog Competition as Favorite Blog (February 2013)
Though I didn't win, I was happy enough being favorite blog chosen by judges :) so Thankful!

2. Winning BuzzKorea Miss Flower Event and went to Korea for 2nd time! (May 2013)
(≧∇≦)/ ♥ I never expected that I would visit Korea again this year, since I had no plan to go there with my own money. Praise The Lord :')

3. Enrolled myself into Creativo School, Surabaya (April - December 2013)
FYI, I was graduated from UPH Surabaya as Bachelor of Economy, I have been work in factory for 3 months and I don't like monotone activities :| My passion is in design (especially illustration). Luckily my friend told me about this preparation school and I could studied Visual Communication Design and Illustration for several months ^^ 

4. Being trusted from several online shops & companies to review their products
Thank you for your trust ^^

My Past 2013 Resolution:
1. Being a consistent blogger: Haven't done yet ()
2. Do more FOTD, EOTD and tutorials: Haven't done yet ()
3. Practice more to sharpen my makeup skill: Haven't done yet ()
4. Work hard, earn more money, save more money: Haven't done yet ()
5. Hold more giveaways: Haven't done yet ()
6. Increase my quality and quantity in blogging: Not bad (√)
7. Create my very own blog template: Haven't done yet ()
Omoooooo... Only 1 out of 7 resolutions has fullfilled -___-

Personal matter-related:
1. Love God more, be more faithful in Him: Yes (√)
2. Find my true destination: Yes (√)
3. Discipline and time management: Haven't done yet ()
4. Go to overseas for vacation once again: Yes (√)
5. Have healthier life: Not really -_-a err ()
6. Give thanks more, complain less: Yes (√)
4 out of 6 done! ^__^

My Resolutions 2014:

1. More productive in everything!
I should reduce time usage for less-urgent activities like browsing, watching and sleeping x_x
2. Work hard, save more money
Stop being impulsive buyer, save money for more important matters in the future
3. Mastering English, and learn more about Korean & Japanese Language
As long as I still have much time, I will learn foreign language as much as I can >:)
4. Repairing my time management
Still.. trytng to repairing my time management ._.v
5. Have a healthier life
Do exercise at least once a week, drink more mineral water, be more discipline
6. Pray more, worry less
Pray is the lock in the night and door open in the morning :)

Let's work hard this year everyone ^^/
Good luck for us! Godspeed :)

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