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Miss Flower Korea Trip Day 5: Mokpo Yacht, 10 Corso Como & Dongdaemun

안녕하세요~ Sorry for the postponed last part of my recent Korea Trip +__+
I almost forgot to blog about this, 미안~
If you haven't read my previous posts.. hereby I linked my previous posts for this trip :)
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Thursday, 9th May, 2013

8 AM (GMT+9)
Breakfast at El Dorado Resort Sinan
Location: Sinan Jeungdo 신안 증도, Sinan County 신안군
Weather: Still chilly

Hello new day! I was afraid to face this day.. Because that night would be my last night in Korea T____T
However, I slept well last night but still feel unhealthy.. We went to Golden Bay to have our breakfast.

Mini Dictionary:
한식당 (han-sik-dang): Korean Restaurant
일식당 (il-sik-dang): Seafood Restaurant

Azalea really could be found easily in Korea, especially in Spring time ^^

The food display attracted me little bit.. due to their details XD

Believe or not, those are not real.. though they looks delicious.. LOL

We're going to Korean Restaurant named 픙경마루 (Peung-Gyeong-Ma-Ru)

I had to say that this is our first simplest meal so far XD
They were still yummy~

11 AM (GMT+9)
Mokpo Yacht Experience
Location: Mokpo City 목포시
Weather: Cloudy & still chilly

Are you ready for the Yacht?? ^___^ Actually I was excited because it was my first Yacht experience ever!
I've heard about city named Mokpo.. this city was ever mentioned in some Korean dramas that I've ever seen before XD

Mokpo Yacht Marina (목포 요트 마리나)
Mokpo Yacht Marina:,-republic-of/marina/mokpo-marina.htm

Mokpo Marina is a modern yacht harbour offering good shelter and 24 hour security. The marina is owned and operated by the university. Mokpo marina has a yacht club, sailing school and a boat yard. There are a few spaces for hard standing. The marina has an expansion programme for both the number of berths and the marina facilities.
Mokpo City is in South Jeolla Province, on the southwestern tip of the Korean Peninsula. There are frequent trains to Seoul and there are a number of ferry routes serving islands in the Yellow Sea and Dadohae National Maritime Park. The port of Mokpo is not far from Yudal mountain, a picturesque area with numerous tourist facilities. The city has good shopping for provisions.

The harbour itself is very clean, neat and I could see many boats and yachts there :D
I like their cleanliness and neatness!

Another group photo before orientation ^___^
From left-right: Fye & Kinna (Malaysia), Mj & Joyce (Philippine), Me; Andy & Adele (Vietnam), trainer (the orange one), Suzan, Junyi, Edith, Selina and Vienne (China).

Today was the last day, and finally we're allowed to wear our own outfit (not uniform)

Short briefing about the regulation, safety and so on

Can't wait to ride the Yacht! ^___^ 

Because we're big team, so we had to separated into two teams in two Yacht.
This was our Yacht~ Teehe~ ^^
Mineral water, some drink, and tissue! :D What a nice hospitality!

Inside the Yacht, there are sofa, mini kitchen and mini bedroom :)

I feel so dehydrated in my last two days in Korea.. I forced myself to not drink too much because the weather is chilly.. I can't get sweat and I always need to go rest room often in that situation '____'

Me, Adele and Kinna
Also, I didn't bring my lip balm (only tinted lip balm)... so my lips area dried awfully >_<

 The view above the yacht~ ^^
I thought I got cold that day, I choose to sneak up into the dock rather than enjoying the breeze.. T_T

Well, do I look pale?

over-exposure >___<

Sorry for bad resolution, I haven't get the original size file >.<

The other's Yacht! :D

I tried the 매실 maesil (plum) drink inside the dock ^^ it's quite good

Random shot. I found this wet tissue is kinda cute XD look at its packaging~

The Yacht sailing was over.. Unfortunately I couldn't enjoy it as much as others :(( It was fun actually..
I wish I bring thick jacket at the moment..

Woah I barely can open my eyes because the sunlight '___'

Move to next destination~
Time for lunch! :D :D

12 PM (GMT+9)
Lunch at Mokpo
Location: 다원 한정식 Dawon Hanjeongsik, Mokpo City 목포시
Weather: Cloudy

Inside the restaurant.. Nice garden :)

When we're going to inside, there were so many foods provided for us.. Woaahh.. so lovely~ ^^

I didn't capture many photos this time.. I was starving.. LET'S EAT! XD

Those foods were delicious!! T^T I ate a lot, and my body feel better after ate nice lunch. LOL
After had lunch, we had to back to Seoul :'( and the trip would be immediately over after this..

We spent around 5 hours to reach Seoul by bus (from Mokpo to Seoul). Last destination was 10 Corso Como in Cheongdamdong area.

6 PM (GMT+9)
10 Corso Como
Location: 청담동 Cheongdamdong, 서울 Seoul
Weather: Rainy

What's exactly a place named "10 Corso Como"? Well, If you have seen the latest MV of PSY "Gentleman",  you may recognize a unique store that used as filming spot :D 

PSY - Gentleman
About 10 Corso Como:

10 Corso Como is a shopping and dining complex in Milan, Italy. It combines outlets that show and sell works of art, fashion, music, design, cuisine and culture. It was founded in 1990 in Milan, by gallerist and publisher Carla Sozzani.

The Complex began with an art gallery and a bookshop. Other spaces soon followed: a design and fashion store in 1991, the 10 Corso Como Cafe in 1998, a small hotel (with only three rooms) in 2003 and the Roof Garden in 2009.

10 Corso Como and the 10 Corso Como logo are designed by American artist Kris Ruhs. In 2002, 10 Corso Como opened in Tokyo in partnership with Comme des Garçon, designed by Rei Kawakubo and Kris Ruhs.

In 2008, 10 Corso Como opened in Seoul in partnership with Samsung Cheil, Samsung Group, designed by Kris Ruhs. On 9 September 2011, 10 Corso Como celebrated its 20 year anniversary. On 31 March 2012, 10 Corso Como opened its second location in Seoul, also designed by Kris Ruhs. 10 Corso Como Shanghai, designed by Kris Ruhs, opened on 14 September 2013 at 1717 Nanjing West Road at Wheelock Square. (credit: wiki)

The concept of this store is really unique, combining art, fashion, music, design, cuisine and culture in one complex :) No wonder their works are pretty expensive, because their uniqueness and their works could be considered as high-end products..

10 Corso Como TVXQ edition

 So many unique products placed here.. and their prices are irresistibly pricey for me >___<
Of course I didn't buy anything there.. 

IDR 700k for a small pillow? OMG x_x

More photos~

candid photo :p

floor information
 There are also Bookshop, Cafe, and Garden Cafe here :)

Group photo with PSY's Gentleman style :P

 Adele, Mj, me and Joyce

We also had opportunity to have a dinner here~ ^^ What a pleasant experience~

Inside of the 10 Corso Como Cafe

We're all excited to have last dinner T.T

welcome drink.. well, I don't drink alcohol.. '__' I can't stand for its taste..

 I shared same table with Mj and Joyce from Philippine ^^

Adele & Andy from Vietnam, had their dinner :3

Ms. Seony and photographers.. sorry I forgot your name guys T_T

Appetizer:  Pinot Cardonnay Spumante Santero NV
It tastes good ^^

Guide-nim, Vienne & Selina from China

Suzan, Junyi and Edith from China

Next: Salt-baked beef root with feta cheese, strawberry and mango
That was my first time tried salt-baked beef root.. It's kind of fruit I guess..
and it has weird taste IMO >_<

Soup: Potato Soup with black truffle
It was yummy :D

Main course: Fresh home-made pasta 'Maltagliati' with roman artichoke, asparagus and shrimp
맛있어~ I like this one :D

Dessert: 10 Corso Como Cafe signature semi-freddo with wild honeycomb
Drink: Tea with 10 corso como signature chocolate

For the dessert, I couldn't finish the honeycomb because it was too sweet x__x

Time to some announcement.. KTO staffs announced the winner list of the most active participants in SNS during the event, and my name was mentioned as one of the most active participant *w* 
Woaahhh.. Thanks God for another sweet surprise! 
Thank you Ms. Emily ^^
my gift! 
It was quite huge, I was wondering what's the inside ^.^ ㅋㅋㅋ

Photo time during the dinne~ ^___^
Suzan, Mj, Edith, Joyce and me

Junyi, Mj, Joyce and Me

Mr. Saem Myeong 샘명씨, Me, Mr. Jun Yeop 준엽씨, and Edith

Two eonni that helped me a lot during the trip :')
Thank you Ms. Sujin 수진씨 & Ms. Amelie 아메리씨

Our beloved tour guide, Ms. Seony~ ;)

Guide-nim (Sorry I forgot his name '__'), Mr. Jun Yeop, Andy, Me, Selina, and Joyce

Dinner was over... I reached hotel at 9 PM if I'm not mistaken.. Because some of us don't want to skip this night without doing anything, we decided to split into groups and going to Dongdaemun! ^^

10 PM (GMT+9)
Night Shopping at Dongdaemun
Location: 동대문시장 Dongdaemun Market, 서울 Seoul
Weather: Rainy

We went to Dongdaemun by taxi from The Plaza Hotel :)
About Dongdaemun Market 동대문시장:
Dongdaemun Market of Tongdaemun is a large commercial district comprising traditional markets and shopping centers in Jongno-gu, Seoul. A popular shopping and tourist destination, it has been designated a Special Tourism Zone (관광특구) since 2002

Most of malls open from 10:30 PM to 05:00 AM next day, that's why we could do night shopping there! :D
There are some main shopping mall in Dongdaemun area:
1. Doota (Dusan Tower 두산타워)
Traditional market / Fashion apparel, bags, shoes, accessories etc
2. Migliore 
3. Hello APM
4. Jeli Pyeonghwa Market
5. Gwanghui Market

Ms. Seony kindly accompanied us to visit a reliable souvenir shop inside the DOOTA :)

Sorry I didn't take many pictures inside, because I was exhausted that day @_@
Me, Kinna and Fye also visited shopping market named "UX", not far away from Doota. And I got some good clothes with nice deal ^___^
Their price range was 5,500-30,000 원, depends on the type of clothes and fabric.

And we back to hotel! ^^

Fye took our photos one by one with his polaroid ^.^

We back to our rooms and I unboxed my gift then. Of course I left the hug box because I couldn't keep it inside my luggage >.<

What I've got ^^

Green tea

Flowery umbrella ^^

Laneige lipstick!

Head pillow, too bad I accidentally left this pillow inside plane T__T I'm so sorry

I also got a candle as a souvenir from 10 Corso Como staffs ^.^ Thank you!

The documentation video

My trip was officially over...
The next day I woke up early and went to Incheon T____T Ms. Amelie kindly accompanied me to the airport.. Thank you thank you! 

From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank KTO Staffs for the warmth and very nice hospitality..
I won't forget this trip forever T_____T 너무 너무 감사합니다 여러분 

Miss Flower Korea Trip Stories:
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Of course I will visit Korea again someday ^___^
Thanks for reading everyone!! 


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