Saturday, July 8, 2017

Breaking Out of My Shells | D.I.D Galaxy Princess Makeup Tutorial

Hi girls! Last month has become a hectic month for me.. It was LITERALLY a crazy month! While everyone enjoying their holiday to the fullest, I drowned myself in finishing some drafts and editing 3 videos :'D
Especially for this video, I felt like I want to cryyyy.. Because I'm still adapting with new video program and there were many footages that I need to edit..

But finally after struggling, I finished the makeup tutorial that I named D.I.D Galaxy Princess Makeup Tutorial, a submission for #MarvellaContest2017.

This was my first time trying face paint, and making fantasy makeup look tutorial :'D Far from perfect but I'm proud of myself! I guess I have broke out of my shells ^_^ It's fun to get out of my comfort zone and I'm happy for that!

Please watch my video:

You might ask, did I pass next round? Unfortunately no..
There were around 300 total submissions for this competition, and the chosen TOP 30 are really great! I will support them wholeheartedly, and I wish I can join Marvella Contest again next year ^_^

Thanks for reading everyone :*


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