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BEST Japanese Facial Lotion: Hatomugi Skin Conditioner [review]

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I wrote a beauty review in English. Well, I think I should write this review in English, so that my international readers can understand this review :D
In past few weeks I tried another Japanese lotion that made me so impressed. It's called Hatomugi Skin Conditioner. Umm to be honest I was confused when categorized this product in blog tags. It has liquid appearance like toner, moisturizing like moisturizer, but Japan media call it facial lotion.. so I decided to categorize this product in facial lotion tag XD

Japanese facial lotion is called Kesho-Sui(化粧水). Hatomugi Skin Conditioner is one of popular facial lotions in Japan ^_^ luckily I had a chance to tried this product, thank you KBJ!

When I received this product, I was surprised because it's so large and bulky, BUT you can always share some into a smaller bottle. I also got small spray bottle in the package.

Without further ado, let's jump into the review! :)

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner comes in 500ml size. It has very simple packaging, clear big bottle, with purple twist-cap. The bottle is made from plastic, and quite sturdy. I always like clear bottle like this, because you can see the remain of the product easily :D

This skin-conditioning toner contains Coix Seed Extract, natural hatomugi (Job’s tears) as a moisturizer. While highly moisturizing and nourishing for rough, dry patches, it does not leave the skin feeling sticky or greasy. Protects the skin with powerful hydration, fighting irritation to keep the skin soft and smooth. Soothes redness after sunburn with a pleasant cooling sensation. Although perfect for the face, it is also excellent for use anywhere on the body. Holds moisture in after showering or bathing. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

"Hatomugi" (“Job’s tears” dalam Bahasa Inggris) telah lama disebut ‘tanaman bagi kehidupan dan kesehatan’, populer dikonsumsi sebagai teh untuk kesehatan atau jamu (Jali-Jali). Hatomugi adalah skin conditioner (penyejuk kulit) yang mengandung extract herbal, dalam kemasan botol besar dengan harga terjangkau, yang berguna untuk melembutkan dan menyejukkan kulit. Kegunaan Hatomugi adalah sebagai penyejuk kulit dan menormalkan siklus sel-sel kulit.
Mengandung bahan yang efektif untuk mencegah timbulnya jerawat, menghilangkan bintik-bintik noda dan penuaan kulit. Hatomugi Skin Conditioner merupakan produk yang serba guna, dapat digunakan untuk wajah dan tubuh.
Dapat digunakan pada tubuh setelah mandi. Supaya lebih terasa segar, gunakan Hatomugi yang telah disimpan di dalam kulkas. Selain itu Hatomugi bisa membantu merawat kulit yang terbakar matahari karena kandungannya yang dapat mendinginkan dan memperbaiki sel kulit yang terbakar.

Bebas pewangi dan pewarna tambahan.

Its actual price is around 700 yen in Japan, but it's sold for IDR 98,500 and can be purchased in SOGO, Guardian, Papaya or online stores like VIP Plaza, Perfect Beauty, Nihonmart, Elevenia, and Sociolla.

Sorry if you can't see the hole clearly ^_^;; but it's quite big and I can pour the lotion easily unto the palm of my hand (be careful so it won't spill out anywhere).

Texture & Scent
It has non-sticky light and runny texture; just like regular water but with white cloudy color. It has no fragrance at all, and very safe for sensitive skin ^_^

Directions / How to Use
As daily facial lotion
1. Pour some unto the palm of your hand (don't forget to sterilize your hand first, of course XD)
2. Pat your face gently, let the lotion absorb into your skin.
Use it everyday after cleansing and toner step, before serum, moisturizer and cream

As facial mask
1. Soak cotton with facial lotion evenly
2. Stretch cotton a little
3. Place cotton on your face
4. Leave the cotton for 3-10 mins

Overall Thoughts
After trying this lotion for weeks, my skin become really fresh, supple, elastic, and smooth ^-^
I really love this lotion because it's free from fragrance and artificial color. My skin love it!
For instant boost, you can also use this lotion as a masker with bunch of thin cotton pad that stretched all over your face (read the "how to use" explanation above). I really recommend you to try this facial lotion ;)

Pros (+)
+ Moisturizing well
+ 2 in 1 functions (as lotion and mask)
+ Fragrance and artificial color free
+ Not sticky and absorb easily into skin
+ Suitable for sensitive skin.
+ Affordable

Cons (-)
- Bulky packaging (but it can be shared in smaller bottle)
- The hole bottle is a bit too large, prone to spill out


Thank you for reading guys!
Hopefully this review is useful enough for you ^_^
Have a nice day~

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