Saturday, January 2, 2016

BYE 2015, HELLO 2016!!

Hello everyone~~~ Time flies really fast, doesn't it? Year 2015 has been a great and memorable year for me, as I encountered many ups and downs and I'm grateful for all He has done in my life :)


I admit that I have many weaknesses, and one of them is.. I am a person who can be easily bored about anything, LOL. For example, I bought a planner on the edge of 2014; I started to fill in the planner diligently until August 2015 and I was too lazy to write on planner anymore XD That's why when adult coloring books becomes viral in Indonesia, I don't buy it because I'm afraid I can't even finish the half of the coloring book; moreover those coloring books are quite pricey IMO. *I wonder why this random thoughts came up suddenly, LOL*

BUT, don't worry that habit not apply on terms of blogging and making videos. I still have passion in sharing my thoughts through this blog and my Youtube channel. I just need some time to settle my schedule and take care my personal life, work life and blogger life :)

I have upcoming posts for this blog and I'm still working on them ^_^ Please wait patiently and I really appreciate your support! Your e-mails and supportive messages mean so much for me 

Love you all THIS MUCH!

Wish you a great year ahead guys! :D
God bless you!

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