Thursday, June 25, 2015

My Eyebrows Transformation

Hi guys! Today I want to share about my eyebrows transformation. If you're one of my old readers, most likely you've known that I'm blessed with a pair of thick eyebrows (and hairy forehead). When I was in University, I didn't really care about my brows. I often neglected it and didn't really pay much attention to them. But it doesn't mean I don't know how to shape and groom my own eyebrows now. I keep practicing to figure out the best shape of my eyebrows and make them look more presentable.

Nevertheless, I wasn't satisfied enough with my eyebrows. I wanted to try Brow Waxing to achieve perfect eyebrows (and if possible, I wanted to wax my hairy forehead as well). ANDDD... guess what? How happy I am, when finally I got my eyebrows waxing done by a professional! My eyebrows were handled by Dandelion Waxing, Surabaya. Started from December 2014, they provide THE BROW BAR service and here I'm presenting to you the whole process and details about services that I received there :D

Awalnya aku sama sekali ngga bisa bentuk alis, karena aku anggap alisku udah tebel, ngga butuh digambar-gambar lagi lah. Ternyata hal itu salah. Setelah belajar untuk membentuk dan menggambar alis, alisku nampak lebih kece dan lebih rapi. Namun, serapi-rapinya kemampuanku, aku masih gak tega untuk cabut alis terlalu banyak dan ngga mau cukur alis juga (karena bikin bulu alis makin tebal dan kasar). Pengen coba yang namanya Eye Brow Waxing, tapi ngga tau dimana ada service Brow Waxing & Shaping yang oke di Surabaya.. Eh ternyata Dandelion Waxing sejak akhir Desember lalu udah menyediakan service untuk mengatasi masalah alis lho :D Namanya THE BROW BAR by Dandelion Waxing. Di postingan ini akan kujabarin lengkap tentang servis yang udah kuterima di sana.

 Anyway, this is my second visit to Dandelion Waxing, just in case if you missed the first post, you may read my previous review HERE :)

This time I didn't take many photos inside, because I have took a lot before ;)
I notice there is something new in this place, The Brow Bar!
This dressing table looks so princessy and pretty ♥♥

Special spot to wax and groom your eyebrows
Because Shellen (Dandelion's owner that I met last time) weren't present at that moment, her partner named Florence appeared to take care of my eyebrows. She's a Brow Artist that has friendly and bubbly personality :D She explained everything about eyebrows that I needed to know and treated my eyebrows carefully.

My BF took this photo for me. Hey, his photography skill got improved :P LOL


  1. First of all, she removed makeup on my eyebrow area with makeup remover
  2. She measured my eyebrows to decide start point, arch point and end point of my eyebrows
  3. Later on, she re-draw my eyebrows and asked if I like the base eyebrows or not. This part is important, since she will wax outer area of eyebrows that she just made. If you don't like your eyebrows, just say it clearly, so she can re-do it before get into waxing process.
  1. Pertama-tama, makeup area alisku dibersihkan dengan pembersih makeup
  2. Selanjutnya dia mengukur alisku untuk menentukan titik awal, titik menukik dan titik akhir dari alisku.
  3. Kemudian, dia menggambar kembali alisku dan bertanya apakah aku suka sreg dengan betuk alis yang dia buat. Bagian ini penting untuk diperhatikan, karena dia akan melakukan waxing di luar area alis yang dia buat barusan. Jadi kalau kalian belum sreg dengan bentuk alis kalian, bilang aja, jadi masih bisa direvisi sebelum masuk ke tahap waxing.
a moment before my eyebrows got waxed and shaped


To do brow waxing, they use hard wax instead of regular wax and waxing stripes. Hard wax is different with honey wax or ice wax because it doesn't require waxing stripes. That day, Florence used Chocolate Hard Wax named Lycon (from Australia) for me. Aside of Lycon, they also use Perron Rigot (from Paris) to wax body area :) 
Anyway Perron Rigot wax is one of the world’s highest quality and UK salon’s #1 favorite hard wax. Perron Rigot has won many beauty awards, one of which is the Guild Award of Excellence 2013 for Best Hair Removal Supplier. All waxes are imported from Paris, France.

Untuk waxing alis ini, mereka ngga pake wax biasa yang menggunakan strip. Mereka biasa menggunakan Hard Wax berbahan dasar dari cokelat merk Lycon (dari Australia) atau Perron Rigot (dari Paris) untuk waxing badan.
BTW, Perron Rigot wax ini adalah salah satu brand hard wax berkualitas tinggi yang diimport dari Paris, dan merupakan brand hard wax favorit no. 1 di salon-salon UK. Perron Rigot juga memenangkan banyak award, salah satunya adalah Guild Award of Excellence 2013 untuk kategori Best Hair Removal Supplier.

The Chocolate Hard Wax was warmed up before got used
  1. Then she applied warm hard wax on desired area. Once it dried (in only 3 seconds), she pulled off the harden wax quickly, against direction of hair growth
  2. Plucked the tiny hairs off with tweezers
  3. Lastly, she slightly trimmed the long hairs of my eyebrows.
  1. Setelah itu, hard wax yang sudah hangat dioleskan di bagian bulu yang ingin dicabut. Setelah kering (dalam waktu 5 detik), wax yang sudah mengeras itu langsung ditarik berlawanan dengan arah pertumbuhan bulu.
  2. Untuk bulu-bulu yang kecil (yang tidak bisa diwax) dicabut manual dengan pencabut bulu
  3. Terakhir, bulu-bulu yang panjang dipangkas sedikit supaya rapi.

Before after brow waxing

Can you see hairs on these harden Chocolate Hard Wax pieces? You might ask: Does it hurt? Well, if you used to pluck your eyebrows, this step isn't that scary. I could endured the brow waxing process easily, though I got teary little bit ;__; LOL. You can watch the video below to see my teary eyes.

Apakah Brow Waxing itu sakit? Menurutku, kalo kalian udah terbiasa cabut alis, tahap ini ngga terlalu serem kok. Aku masih bisa tahan pas di wax. Kalo akar bulunya tebal, tentu akan sakit; tapi kalau bulunya halus, ngga terlalu terasa. Tapi tetap saja mataku agak berair pas di-wax ;__; haha. Kalian bisa liat video di bawah kalau mau liat eksrepsiku gimana.


Not every patient needs this forehead waxing. Because I'm special and I have hairy forehead, I decided to ask Florence to wax my forehead as well.

Because this position wasn't conducive enough, Florence asked me to lay on the bed before continue the waxing. In the waxing room, she used Perron Rigot Euroblond Hard Wax. You might curious.. How does it sound when my forehead hairs got pulled off? It was like "ERRRRKKK".

look at my terrified expression :v

Does it hurt? YES. It's more painful compared to previous brow waxing. Because my long hairs on forehead were pulled off mercilessly ;___; But since the process went fairly quick, I can assure this forehead waxing is way more endurable rather than bloody wound on knee (for example, when I got bike accident last year).

Ngga semua pasien butuh waxing di dahi. Karena aku spesial, dan punya dahi yang cukup berbulu (faktor genetik), aku minta Florence untuk wax area dahiku juga. Untuk area dahi, Dandelion memakai Lycon Chocolate Hard Wax dan Perron Rigot Euroblonde juga. Pas dicabut gimana suaranya? Suaranya itu semacam bunyi "ERRRKKK" gitu ._.

Apakah Forehead Waxing itu sakit? YA IYALAH. Sedikit lebih sakit dibandingkan waxing alis. Karena bulu-bulu (or rambut) di dahiku dicabut tanpa ampun ;___; Tapi karena prosesnya cepat, aku bisa jamin Forehead Waxing ini ngga ada apa-apanya kalo dibandingin luka jatoh gara-gara kecelakaan (aku membandingkan dengan luka di lututku karena kecelakaan sepeda motor tahun lalu).


As you can see.. the result is beyond my expectation. I'm satisfied with the result! ♥♥
My eyebrows look gorgeous and my forehead is completely hairless now ♥♥ I'm grateful that I didn't encounter any "bloody moment" during the waxing process. I was afraid I couldn't endure the pain, but eventually it went very well ^__^

For price list, you can see it on their website. I consider their prices are fairly affordable. Once the hair grow back, your hair will be finer and thinner :) I will update this blog post with my eyebrows and forehead condition 3-4 weeks post-treatment. Please remind me if I forget to do my promise :p

Seperti yang bisa kalian lihat.. hasilnya di luar ekspektasiku. Puas banget dengan hasilnya! ♥♥
Alisku sekarang nampak jauh lebih kece dibanding biasanya, dan dahiku juga bebas dari bulu *clink clink* XD Syukurlah ngga ada insiden apa-apa selama waxing (misalnya saja kulit berdarah). Ternyata aku bisa tahan dengan sakitnya, dan semua berjalan lancar ^__^

Harga nya menurutku termasuk murah (link pricelist di 2 paragraf sebelumnya), apalagi bisa bertahan sampe berminggu-minggu dan tumbuhnya akan natural :) Aku akan update foto alis dan dahiku 3-4 minggu setelah melakukan waxing di blog post ini, tolong ingatkan kalo misal aku kelupaan belum update ya :p


With Florence, the Brow Artist
Thank you Dandelion Waxing for having me! I'm really pleased with the services and results!
Dandelion made my confidence boosted instantly ^__^

If you're interested to get wonderful brows like mine, you can contact them for appointment ;)

Dandelion Waxing
waxing • nails • eyelash • eyebrow

Address: Ruko Gwalk F/1 Citraland, Surabaya
Phone Number: 0811-39-09-23 
Instagram: @dandelionwaxingid
LINE ID: dandelionwaxingid 
BBM PIN: 73EB2656 
OPEN DAILY: 10am-8pm


Thanks for reading everyone! ;)
See ya on my next post ♥


  1. sekarang jd lebih kece ya ce alisnya ?

  2. Aw aw tambah kece shel ^0^
    Gak perlu repot pake alis lagi donk ya ^3^

    1. iya sekarang ce.. nanti kan tumbuh lagi alisnya XD tp lebih tipis dan lama

  3. hasilnya kecee abis lah ci, cuma ngebayangin cekit cekit pas waxingnya duhh >.<

  4. cakeeppp
    suka alis nya ..bentuknya oke!

  5. Nggak kebayang selama ini ada forehad waxing, jadi rapi alisnya hbs diwax

    1. aku juga XD kalo pake IPL aku takut kenapa2, pke wax lebih bikin tenang

  6. Jadinya bagussss... ._. tempatnya bagussss.... ._. dan baru tau ada forehead waxing... ._.

    1. iya, forehead wax untuk kasus2 khusus sepertiku hehe XD

  7. Really interesting post~! Your brows look great <33

  8. Bagus banget hasilnya Vi, suka! Natural dan kamu keliatan lebih cantik dengan alis baru. Jalan-jalan ke G-Walk ahh :D

    1. thank youuu.. iya bagus hasilnya ^^
      mampirrr icip brow waxingnya juga sis

  9. keren nih shel ! gk bs bayangin pas dahimu berasa bunyi erkkk. duhh! kece shelvi

  10. They look great! After having my brows waxed for years, the hairs that have been waxed don't even grow back anymore. I only have a few strays that will grow back. So, yes, at first they'll come back fewer and finer and eventually stop growing at all. The tears are a natural reaction to a "facial injury". I know it doesn't really hurt that much. Thanks for sharing your experience. :)

    1. Really?? How many times your brows got waxed in a year?
      You're welcome :D :D

  11. wahh alisnya jadi rapih dan terlihat fresh di kamu. aku ga nyangka ternyata bulu di dahi juga perlu dihilangkan ya.

  12. Tempatnya cewe banget, warna pink2 gitu...
    hasil waxingnya bagus ce, n rapi... 😊 :)

  13. I do have a thick of eyebrow, and yes, I thought those people didn't need any make up on that area ><

    1. Me too >_< in the fact, we still need to do something with our brows

  14. Waaahhh....kece banget...aku juga lagi mikir-mikir nih mau ngerapihin alis biar rapih...

  15. Selama ini nyukur alis g pernah kok ce jd lebih tebel bulunya.. yah setebel2nya, paling ya cm se pori2.. hehehehe.. toh in the end, akan di rapikan lagi.. klo nyukur sendiri lbh enak ce, bentuknya bisa di atur sendiri.. hahaha..

    1. Punyaku jd agak tebel wi '__' lbb kasar jg hiks

  16. You look so pretty! Aku punya eyebrow yang super tipis dan sedikit botak T.T but it's all over the place, selalu takut buat rapiin my eyebrow sih karna sakit banget kalo dicabut gt, but you definitely inspire me!

    1. Thx <3
      Aku jg awalnya ragu2 mau cabut, tp skrg uda terbiasa hehe ^^;

  17. dahi berambut? ternyata aku ngga sendiriaaan :D
    btw salam kenal cece cantik :)

  18. I've never heard from anyone else who also has problems about growing hair on the forehead, so when you mentioned it I was really really excited to find someone who struggles with this too! Heehee, yes, the hair on my forehead sometimes makes me feel a bit self-conscious, and I'm looking for a way to get it removed! Thanks for sharing your story, loved to read it! ^^


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