Friday, June 19, 2015

IU, The New Brand Ambassador of ISOI

I admit that I'm quite out of date, because I just knew that IU is a new endorser of a cosmetic brand named ISOI. Yes I know the brand itself sounds so unfamiliar to us :p I remember that I've ever read a news about IU, said that she has been appointed as new brand ambassador of another cosmetic brand (not The Saem anymore), but I didn't find out more.
Yesterday when I watched Episode 8 of The Producer, IU's newest drama, I saw range of skin care products on her dressing table. I googled it and it's ISOI :) The more I search about ISO, the more interested I became!

ISOI 아이소이
/ read: ai-so-i /

40 years ago Korea first was introduced with organic cosmetics from Germany and created Logo to produce cosmetics for pure natural skin, this concept formed the philosophy of the brand to make organic & natural skin care. ISOI provides skin friendly chemical and natural ingredients formulated cosmetics & skin care, which nourish even sensitive & problem skin. Increase skin power, health and manage its turnover in order to get flawless skin


ISOI itu apa sih? ISOI adalah merk kosmetik dari Korea yang pada awalnya dikembangkan di Jerman. Sejarah tentang ISOI sendiri masih belum jelas dan aku belum tahu kapan berdirinya ISOI ini. Berdasarkan penjelasan di media, ISOI ini menawarkan produk kosmetik yang sangat bersahabat dengan kulit, mengandung bahan-bahan organik alami yang tidak mengandung bahan-bahan berbahaya sama sekali. Wow kedengarannya menarik ya? ^.^

IU, the new face of ISOI

ISOI Philosophy

ISOI is for an intelligent customer who selects the brand that is beneficial to the skin after checking ingredients rather than advertising or promotion when choosing cosmetics

1. Ingredients contents, not container should have the largest proportion in the cost of ISOI cosmetics
2. Harmful ingredients that are bad for health should not be contained in ISOI
3. Skin is 100% natural, which indicates that skin irritation should be minimized in ISOI
4. Self-recovery and improvement effect of skin is put on top priority of ISOI


Jadi singkat kata, ISOI ini lebih mengedepankan pemilihan bahan-bahan komposisi yang berkualitas, organik, aman untuk kulit dan benar-benar memiliki efek yang positif untuk kulit. ISOI tidak mengutamakan packaging produk sebagai prioritas utama, jadi mungkin karena itulah produk ISOI terkesan polos dan tidak terlalu menarik dibandingkan para kompetitor, karena ISOI lebih mengutamakan kualitas konten dibanding kemasan :) Hmm, I think it's nice!

IU's holding ISOI Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum

Bulgarian Rose line is ISOI's best hit and Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum is their most popular product. Consider to their prices (based on, I think their brand can be categorized as high-end cosmetic brand.

This is cool, how come ISOI grows plants in skin toners? :O
ISOI totally guarantees their fine-quality of skin care products
Harmful ingredients replaced by natural ingredients


IU's ISOI event at Hongdae [May 2015]:

I think this brand is great!
I'd love to try this brand someday :)
Hopefully we can reach ISOI products in Indonesia soon


  1. I've heard of this brand, but it's very hard to get their stuff online T-T
    Btw I envy IU's beauty a lot! How can she be so pretty and talented? :D

    1. Yes, but you can buy it on koreadepart :D Though I haven't tried it yet.
      Yeahhh she's so beautiful, talented and adorable <3

  2. Pretty yes, I also knew she was the one for ISOI from Producers><
    I enjoyed Producers so much, sadly it was ended on 12;( (okay,,OOT)
    I never know that ISOI was stand for I'm SO Intellegent Important Innocent, that was totally IU!!!!!
    And, wah that leaf experiment was such interesting!!! But I wouldn't want to know the price, at least, not know >__<

    1. aaaa aku baru ntn ep 12 nya.. T_T sedih kok udah ending..
      hehehe so true! ^.^ the image of ISOI is really suitable with IU.
      The price is.. deadly pricey for me ;__; hahaha

    2. kurang greget tapi endingnya, but new drama is attacking,,,at least I can try to watch i remember u now

  3. aaahh... IU so cute..!! I love her so much..!! and I just notice what ISOI stand for ^^

  4. I have tried a few of ISOI products and I am loving themmmm so much. Especially the rose line!
    I have reviewed the products on the blog too, in case you are wondering if they are worth it or not :D

    I was super excited too to try the products knowing that IU was the brand ambassador hahaha.

    1. Hi Bella :)
      Those products are pricey (also, currently impossible to find in Indonesia) and you are so lucky got chances to try them!

  5. I havent heard this brand before ! I know in the previous one IU was the ambassador for the SAEM. Is this premium skin care brand? I remember Laneige advertised their products also in Song Hye Gyo's drama. That makes me always wanting more and more laneige products.


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