Monday, June 20, 2016

F&B: One Eighteenth Coffee Surabaya [review]

Hello everyone! Today I want to share about one of new established cafes in Surabaya. Not so new actually, they established in 2015 but they did some renovations by this year and also extended the 2nd floor. The place itself is pretty close to my boarding house :p So now you're know where I live in Surabaya. LOL.


I pass through this cafe everyday but I haven't pay a visit until few days ago. I visited this cafe at night, so please forgive the noisiness of this photo ._. I came here with my squad so the menus that we ordered were quite various ;) Anyway, the parking lot is limited so if you can please don't come here with cars. The space only fits for 2-3 cars.

Welcome door

This cafe is intentionally divided into three places:
First floor (no smoking room)
Second floor (no smoking room)
Second floor (smoking room)

If you don't like cigarette smokes, I recommend you to sit on first floor. But if you want more privacy, take the second floor at no smoking area.

Friendly reminder: no outside food and drink allowed

The first floor isn't really spacious but can fit for more than 15 persons.
I guess the customers also can sit on bar table.

Why it named One Eighteenth? Because its house number is 118. Easy to remember, isn't it?

You may place your order on the table bar or on your own table. They don't serve many various of cake, so you should ask for their recommendation of the day. On that day, they served Red Velvet Cake.

stairway to 2nd floor. I love how they spiced up the stairs with tribal patterns :D

The second floor, you may sit on the couches or even hold a meeting or small seminar session

looking for convenient place to hold a small seminar maybe? :)

straight away from the stairs, you will see the smoking room

This smoking room is still indoor. There is hanging fan & AC as well. You also can hold a private party like bridal shower etc here.


foods menu

drinks menu

Note: prices are excluded tax.

Hot Chocolate - IDR 27,300
My friend said this chocolate is ok

Homemade Pasta Aglio Olio - IDR 25,500
The half boiled egg wasn't plain and delicious. The pasta was served with pieces of chilli.
It's quite spicy but savory. Suitable for anyone who loves spicy food.

Rating: 7,5 / 10

Beef Burger - IDR 30,000
My friend said the beef burger is quite satisfying but she wish the portion was bigger. LOL.
The fried fries was ok and the appearance of this meal is appealing enough.

Rating: 7,5 / 10

Beef Black pepper - IDR 25,500
The spice was too much and it became too spicy. They added too much black pepper.
My friend said maybe they can add more rice portion to reduce the black pepper's spiciness.
And the beef chunks were only 4 pieces :')

Rating: 6,5 / 10

Pancake Nutella - IDR 22,800
Probably one of the most satisfying pancakes that I've ever eaten. The portion was just right, and the combination of chocolate, nutella, ice cream was nice! I guess they smeared nutella in every layer of this pancake and it made everything seemed perfect! I've ever eaten pancake that felt plain on the middle of layers because the restaurant only stacked the pancake layers without adding more chocolate in the middle. So, this pancake was a bomb! And I plan to re-order it again in near future :3

see how thick the pancake layers were? Dear 118 coffee owner, if you read this; please keep don't reduce anything from this pancake :p I'm satisfied with this pancake!

Homemade Fried Rice - IDR 23,700
The fried rice was quite spicy but my friend liked it. He also liked the combination of egg, sausages chunks, abon and prawn crackers. He also wished the portion was bigger XDD

Rating: 8 / 10

Overall, this cafe is nice enough to be one of your hang out places. The prices are bit expensive for college students and boarding house occupants, but this cafe is worth to try ;) Oh, and the wi-fi connection was fast enough, which is really nice :D


Location: Next to Circle K Siwalankerto
Jl. Siwalankerto No.118, Jawa Timur
Phone: 0899-2730-554
Hours: Closing soon · 10AM–10PM
Smoking room: available
Wi-fi: available

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