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F&B: Baik Su Korean Restaurant Surabaya [review]

Hello everyone! I'm here with another F&B post! First of all, I apologize for the quality of photos that I provide on this post, I didn't bring my camera at that moment and I only could relied on my phone camera x_x Please bear with my phone camera's noisiness, but I assure you that this post is worth to read if you are a Korean cuisine lover like me ;)

Last month I tried a Korean Restaurant named Baik Su, located on Darmo Park area; West Surabaya. Feeling not familiar with that name? Please let me know, so I would know that I wasn't alone :P This restaurant isn't new in Surabaya, but I never visited it before! Actually I never heard about this restaurant and the place is too far from my boarding house XD

Actually me & my family wanted to visit another Korean restaurant near there, but we end up had dinner there because restaurant that we looked for was already closed at that hour (around 9 PM, and we were so starving!)

Baik Su's appearance from outside

First Impression
Baik Su was leaving simple, traditional and homey feeling on me. The atmosphere is so Korean; just like common restaurants that you will see on streets in Korea ^_^ To intensify Korean feeling, they also installed flat screen TV that shows Korean TV shows. For VIP and meeting rooms, they also provide some smaller rooms for reserved on first and second floor.

One of rooms that available for reserved.

restroom on 1st floor

Details of tables and chairs on 1st floor. They include grilling pan on every tables in this restaurant
fridge, aquarium and TV

stairway to second floor

I feel like in Korea when entering this room. Wooden floor, tables with grilling pan, wooden partitions, and flat cushions to sit. I can't be more excited when staring at this interior, how I miss Korea so bad :( :( :( :( :(

VIP rooms on second floor

shoes rack

Actually there's space for your legs below the tables, and you don't need to cross your legs while eating ^.^

Everyone sitting nicely without any hassle

the waiter was preparing the pan before serve the pork ribs that we ordered, later on she also helped us to grill the pork ribs ^_^ so we only needed to sit back, relax and wait for the delicious well-cooked pork ribs.

In Baik Su, you will also get few side dishes that served along with main courses. I forgot to count the side dishes, but I believe it's around 6-8 side dishes. Korean side dish is called Banchan 반찬 ^__^

Two variations of Kimchi 김치 in front of me.

계란찜 Ge Ran Chim IDR 60,000
Steamed Egg (telur ayam kukus)

It tastes good! The texture is so tender and easy to swallow :D It's a good choice for those of you who doesn't like spicy foods, or just in case your throat is not in a good condition and you want to eat something warm.
The portion itself isn't not too big, but can be consumed by 2 persons.

김치찌게 Kimchi Jjigae IDR 80.000
Soup of kimchi with beef and been curd
(Sup asinan sawi putih dan daging sapi)

Hmmm it tastes sour, spicy and doesn't really meet my preference. My sister also agreed with my opinion :s we mostly only eaten the meat, noodles, boiled eggs and left the soup haha. I think I'm not gonna re-order it again in the future.

Kimchi Jjigae in my bowl

숮불돼지갈비 Sutbul Dwaeji Galbi IDR 120,000
Pork ribs roasted on charcoal
(Daging iga babi dipanggang di arang)

Gladly this Dwaeji Galbi isn't disappointing! We all enjoyed it because it's delicious and savory :D
The portion of this Galbi is satisfying enough for three of us (of course you have to enjoy it along with veggies kimchi as well).

Yum yum! 냠냠!

Just in case you're wondering, here's our bill:

Rice - IDR 20.000 / each
Free ocha - refillable

Overall Thoughts

After had dinner there, I noticed there are several things that usual Korean restaurant in South Korea do; that doesn't apply in Baik Su. Those things are:
1. They use disposable wooden chopsticks, instead of stainless steel skinny Korean chopsticks.
2. They only provide free-flow tea, instead of mineral water. They refer this tea as "ocha", while I thought it tastes more like corn tea rather than ocha.

But overall, I'm satisfied with their services and taste ^__^
Their tastes are authentic and really similar with dishes that I've ever eaten in Korea, and I believe it's because their owners are real Koreans who live in Surabaya :D I love the ambiance, authentic taste, and reasonable price.
If you want to try authentic Korean cuisine, I recommend you to try Baik Su :D

Darmo Park I Blok IV C No. 1
Telp: 031-5663881

Thanks for reading everyone~


  1. wihh jiejie kebetulan sekali
    aku memang mau ke baik su cuma lagi menimbang-nimbang
    dan setelah baca review jiejie bulat sudah niatan untuk ke sana heeheh
    nice review ^^

    1. waa kebetulan bgt ya hehe ^^
      iya enak kok, worth bgt sama rasanya :D

  2. Wahh boleh dicoba nih restaurant, thank you infonya :D

  3. yampuuun ternyata ada resto korea deket kos! tapi belum pernah nyobain ke sini. hahaha. dari beberapa resto korea yang pernah aku datengin, kayaknya cuma myoungga yang paling pas di lidah. porsinya juga sesuai dengan harganya imho.
    jadi tertarik ke baik su karena dapet free banchan! hahaha. tau laaah di resto-resto korea di mall mana dapet banchan gini :p
    thank you reviewnya! :)

    1. Halo! Aku jg pernah coba myoung ga tp aku lebih cocok dengan rasanya Baik su ^^
      Iya lumayan dgn harga segitu dapet banchan :D :D sama2~


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