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DON'T DO #DontJudgeChallenge Without Knowing The Cause

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Recently, I often see people on social media spreading a trend named Don't Judge Challenge or as known as #dontjudgechallenge. I bet all of you at least ever see the video once. At first I know the trend when I was scrolling my Instagram feeds and cringed. People with silly faces and strange drawing, becoming prettier in next seconds (with makeup on). My first thought was: "WTH what is this?"

I didn't really understand the meaning of this challenge, but the more I see the #dontjudgechallenge videos.. It seemed so fun.. From messy face to great face, from unappealing to attractive appearance.
BUT, after I knew the cause, I become discourage and took my decision to follow this trend.

Nah, how about you guys? Have you understand the meaning behind #dontjudgechallenge yet?
It's totally a mistake if you assume this challenge is something about transformation, from zero to hero, or from kiddy to grown-up.

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#Dontjudgechallenge references, based on most videos on social media:
1. Thick unibrow
2. Face with tons of freckles and pimples
3. Fat and gross lips
4. Imperfect teeth


One day (around April 2015), a beauty blogger and Youtuber named Em Ford uploaded her totally bare face photo on social media. Em showed her imperfect skin condition, pimples and blemishes were scattered on her face. Right after she uploaded the photo, there are tons of people left meany comments. Most of them said harsh and hateful comments towards her skin condition.

"I can't even look at her"

"WTF What's wrong with her face?"

"Her face is so ugly"

"She looks horrible"


Instagram: @mypaleskinblog
So contrary when she applied makeup, netizens began to throw compliments about how beautiful, perfect, stunning and gorgeous she is. People started to adore her again, Em with makeup on.

"You look stunning"
"That lipstick is amazing on you"
You're so perfect

Not only compliments, Em still received negative comments again.
"You wear too much makeup"
"This is false advertising"
"This is why I have trust issues"
"You're so ugly, that's why you wear makeup"
"Imagine waking up next to her in the morning"
People said that she still looked DISGUSTING.

Thus, on this early July, Em uploaded a video on Youtube titled "YOU LOOK DISGUSTING" which has gained more than 13 millions views so far.

Come through that video, Em wants to raise awareness among ladies in the world; to accept, to love and feel secure with themselves. The secure feeling will surely boost self-confidence. Then, #dontjudgechallenge campaign emerged because people want to support Em Ford in stopping bullying actions online and offline.
Moreover, whatever we do, people always have something to comment. So what's the point of caring about what people say?

Our pathetic society..

So why we have to be so judgmental towards others life?
Is it really important to insult others only because their appearances?

In short time, #dontjudgechallenge video trend become a viral. People still supporting Em Ford and urge ladies to keep feeling beautiful in their own ways. BUT, the campaign went wrong, social media users mislead the meaning behind #dontjudgechallenge. People started to deliberately make themselves look ugly and transform themselves in a blink of eye. #dontjudgechallenge becoming a meaningless trend, something to show-off their before-after transformations, their over-drawn silly faces.

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Most of people in the world, only following the trend without knowing the cause behind the challenge. People think this challenge is only a fun challenge, and it's time for them to show off their appearances with makeup on afterwards. #dontjudgechallenge is supposed to be a self-acceptance and anti-bullying campaign.

DON'T DO #DontJudgeChallenge if you don't know the real reason behind its challenge!


For those of you who ever bullied someone on social media or real life: I BEG YOU, PLEASE STOP IT. We're unique in our ways. There's no such thing as a perfect person in this world.

For those of you who have ever been a bullying victim: You're still unique and beautiful, dear :) People always have something to comment, so ignore them. Don't hear their destructive criticism and learn to accept and love ourselves. I know it's not easy, but it's worth to fight for ^_^

For those of you who want to join #dontjudgechallenge: Show to the world that you're precious, lovable and beautiful in your own way; the REAL you. It's okay to have some flaws, because we're all imperfect :)
Silly facial features drawing is totally not needed. No one is entitled to judge us. Chin up and proud of yourself.

Instagram: @mypaleskinblog

"Perfection isn't real" says Em Ford.
There is no such things as a perfect person in this world. How we accept and love ourselves matter. I recommend you to do #dontjudgechallenge if only you want to challenge yourself to accept your flaws and learn to love yourself. Everyone is unique and precious, we don't have any right to judge or even insult others' weaknesses.

STOP JUDGING OTHERS! Because we haven't walked their journey.


How do you feel about this trend?
Please share your thoughts :) Thank you


  1. Thanks for this post, I didn't know all this!

  2. Hai shelvi..
    Ini aku rima dari grup Sociolla di Line.. ^^

    Folback ya :)

  3. From someone suffering from acne I can relate. Having people asking why my face is like that. I'm glad her skin is clearing up and I'm glad she is able to stand up when kicked down.. This is a great article. Now I know how the trend started. Keep it up �� ��


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