Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Heart to Heart 1: Another Year for Me

Hello everyone! I decided to make one more category on my blog! :)
Yes it's "Heart to Heart" category. I know it may sounds strange, but I don't care! Hehe.
On this category, I'll try my best to express myself in English.. because I hardly write diary in English XD It's quite difficult to me to express myself in second language.. because, I'm too lazy to construct grammars and such. LOL.

Hopefully I can post this "Heart to Heart" section at least once a month! Aside of improving my English, I also wanna be closer to my readers ^.^ Kindly leave some suggestions about interesting topics please :D

Anyway, I just turned into 25 few days ago.. X"D
And I feel so old!
LOL at my weird nose. The lighting was so terrible! >__<

It feels so surreal for me.. I was a little girl few days ago and I am a woman now!
I'm grateful for my life and I can't thank more for God's love and blessings :')

I have tons of visions and dreams, and though I don't really know what will happen to my life next..
I know who holds my future :)

Anyway, my blog also turned into 3 last month and you guys are my inspirations! Thanks for keep supporting me till now ♥ Last but not least, thank you so much guys for your birthday greetings and wishes :) You guys made my day!

I think that's all. Hehe
Sorry for this very short-and-random post XDD
Any idea for upcoming Heart to Heart post?
Bye for now! 


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  1. happy birthday!!! wishes u the best!! well, i will also turn into 25 months later, and i already felt old >< well, we keep aging anyway but we can't let it hamper the young girls inside us (or is it only me?) hahahaha
    i love ur blog! fighting unnie (i guess i can call u 'unnie', he he he he)!!!!!

    1. Hahahaha NO! XD At least we both born in same yearrrr..
      Thank you Fatima ^^

  2. Happy Birthday, Shel! ^^

    My, my... udah 25 tahun, kirain masih awal 20an lho! :O Awet muda yakk hihihi

    1. thank you nindyy ^^
      Hahaha, your comment made my day!


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