Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Miomi E.T Ray Grey Contact Lens [review]

Hello everyone~ ^^ Have you heard about Miomi Contact Lens brand before?
Actually I have read lots of good review about Miomi, but I haven't tried it yet till last month.. Miomi was released on 2012.. Yeah, I admit that I'm soooo out-of-date *___* hahaha.

Anyway, I must say that you shouldn't skip this contact lens!
It comes in blister packaging, along with super cute bunny case *___*
I got mine in white color 

Product Properties
The product with polyethylene methyl methacrylate hydroxyl ethyl ester (HEMA) as raw materials by rotating molding process be made and be become.

Brand: Miomi
Origin: Korea
Series: E.T Ray
Color: Grey
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve 8.6mm
Water Content: 45%
Life Span: 1 year

You also can use this contact lens case as phone strap ^___^ they're available in 7 colors and unfortunately we can't choose the color because it's already bundled with the contact lens ;___;

Color (5/5)
Mine is Miomi E.T Ray grey and it doesn't has bold gray color as I thought. Literally It has two colors, transparent gray and brown as outer ring. It's pretty unique I must say :)
I have no this kind of contact lens color before.

Pattern (4/5)
Its has beautiful and unique pattern ^___^ I love its outer brown ring. It generates natural look on my eyes.
Its pattern and color also blends well onto my iris :)

Enlargement (5/5)
I have no complain about its enlargement. This contact lens is definitely suitable for dolly look :)

Comfort (4/5)
It' so comfortable and I feel wear nothing! I also can wear them up to 9 hours without any eyedrops.
The only downside about its comfort is, my eyes can get tired easily if I work in front of PC / laptop T___T;;

I wore them for Japanese High School Makeup Look ^__^

Pros (+)
+ Thin and soft (feels like wear nothing!)
+ Can choose different power / prescriptions 
+ Very comfortable
+ I can wear it up to 9 hours
+ Natural and suitable for daily basis
+ Can gives dolly effect

Cons (-)
- Dunno why, but my eyes feel sooooo tired if I wear this lens while work in front of laptop / PC T___T
Anyone experience the same? ;___;


If you are looking for contact lens, I recommend you to buy from Dreamie Chuppa
Why? Because they provide many variations of contact lens and I LOVE how Dreamie Chuppa's owner treat their customers well ^____^ They will patiently guide you to meet your preference contact lens ;)

Dreamie Chuppa

PS: Meski ownernya cukup sabar dan ramah dalam melayani customer, tapi tentu saja kesabaran manusia ada batasnya yaaa.. XDD *jangan mencobai*
Sebelum terlalu banyak tanya ke ownernya, ada baiknya liat-liat dulu koleksinya dan baru konsultasi softlens mana yang kira-kira cocok untuk kalian pakai :p Jangan lupa juga bahwa contact lens itu cocok-cocokan.. Apa yang cocok di aku, belum cocok di kalian.. Begitu pula sebaliknya ^__^

Hope this review is helpful ^_^ Thanks for reading everyone! 


  1. lucu ya patternnya. trus lama juga ya life spannya. 1 tahun.


    1. iyaa patternya lucu ya ^^
      tp aku scr pribadi sih ga pernah pke softlens sampe lbh dari 4 bulan hehe

  2. These lenses look beautiful on you~ ^ ^
    And the bunny case is just the cutest! ^ - ^

  3. cutee bangett ciii
    bener-bener cocok banget warnanya dimatamu
    ini contact lensnya hargnya berapa yah?


    1. aku agak lupa hrgnya.. cb kontak FB: dreamie chuppa langsung ya ^^

  4. Aaaaaa the last photo is totemo kawaii~<3 waktu itu pernah mau beli miomi ini tp jd soalnya ga bsa beda minus hikss T.T bunny caseny lucuuu ^^

    1. thank you Dewi ^^
      lho bisa beda minus kok o_o

  5. ak juga suka cc sama lens ini , cuman ak kalo sekolah ribet makenya soalnya sekolah pagi , soalnya kan sayang kalo udah dibeli tapi jarang dipake :( btw itu bagus loh dimata cc :D


    1. dipakenya pas jalan2 aja ^^
      thank you catherine :)

  6. Aww, the packaging is so, so cute! Love it <33

    ❤ ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  7. Aku uska sama patternnya..Coklat + Grey gitu ya. Cocok loh dimatamu.
    Ve, aku suka foto kamu yang terakhir. bener-bener kayak anak SMP. *Aslinya emang kamu baby face ya.*


  8. aku suka banget sama miomi ini shel, favoriteku banget,,rencana mau beli lg kl softlens yg lain uda exp.. ^^

  9. Korean-Lens shop is the best for me how. How can they get all these lenses ?!! This shop has a so large choice that I think 1 life is not enough to buy all !!! hahaha,...
    But maybe you wear your lenses short time and don't care to buy new one, you're lucky... I also searched a lot and it seems that this lens shop is the one with the best deal worldwide, as I searched in English, Japanese, Spanish, and French !! (really!). Buy 2 get 1 free is very good. How can I post my photos here ?! Thank you.

    1. for international shipping, you can buy it from LensVillage :)

  10. wah aku blm pernah nyoba miomi ini ce tp pattern nya yg ini bagus yaa, natural tp tetep keliatan cakep *o*

    1. iyaa, cc plg suka yg natural2 kyk gini la XD
      jrg punya softlens yg pny warna ekstrim

  11. kalau dipake kelihatan hitam ya, grey effectnya nggak begitu kelihatan, tapi patternnya lucu, nice review kak :D

    1. iya ngga gt keliatan warna greynya ya >.<
      thanks for reading <3

  12. Warna dan Patternnya cantik banget cocok di mata kamu ce... :)
    Casenya juga tak kalah lucuuu...!!

    jd pengin nyobaa.. toh, aku blm pernah pakai softlens.. muehehehe... -___-

    1. iyaa lucu yaa casenya XD patternya jg cantik
      hehe ^^ kpn2 cobain gih

  13. wahhh, emg uda lama penasaran sma miomi, dulunya namanya barbie kan ? aku cucok pke barbie, paling nyaman di banding geo, trus bunny case nya mana tahan lucu bgtu >.<
    thanks for review yaa vee, berhasil nebarin racun :p


    1. oiya? baru tau kalo dulu namanya barbie o.o
      hope it helps dear ^^

  14. I never use miomi brand but looks really cute and are more cheap :D maybe I buy a pair later uou This model are pretty <3

  15. This brand are cheap and cute <3 maybe I buy it later, you looks cute

  16. ih warnanya keren banget ya,ga norak..
    mana casenya unyu gitu ^^

  17. Woww your hairs are so gorgeous <3 ..
    Nice reviewed ..

  18. Great review! I really love grey contact lenses, they look so cute <3

  19. kyny aku pernah pake brand ini *ud lupa* hahaha
    dan d aku ga gt nyaman jg ._.

    1. wkwk di org beda2 ya kayaknya rinn >.<
      klo aku nyaman2 aja sih.. tp entah knp mata jd capek klo liat monitor pake softlens ini T3T dunno why

  20. Wow! You look so adorable with them. x

  21. Natural banget ya non.. Cantik <3

  22. CECE aku suka banget, bagus banget looks like natural

  23. LUCCCCCCUUUUUU banget sih amuuuu!! hahahahaha! pengen temuuuu!
    itu rabbitnya yatuhaaaann aku mauu :(

  24. Great review! I've never tried those contact lenses before so I can't comment on any discomfort but they look really pretty! Also, those contact lenses containers are so cutee ~

    1. Yes it is :) i love their lenses containers

  25. bunny case nya lucu bangetttt.......
    nice post~!
    tapi sayang lens ny kurang abu2 ya...
    ada rekomendasi ga softlens yang super grey kalo d mata.. Thx pretty :)


    1. iya sekilas kurang keliatan abu2nya ya ^^
      bisa coba ageha super big gray ato rich gray nya :)

  26. it looks cute but sadly it's tiring your eyes though :(

  27. You look so cute with the lenses on ^^

  28. matanya selalu bagus kalau pakai softlens >,< yang ini juga cocok.
    Udah mirip ciwi-ciwi Jepang. cantik hehe XD
    kak pake kamera apa? jelas banget pattern nya sampai keliatan.


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