Saturday, June 28, 2014

Innisfree Eco Dual Tear Drop Liner [review]

Hello everyone ^.^ We almost reach end of June again *___* Time flies so fast, eh? 
It's been a while since my last review about Innisfree product.. Now it's time to introduce to all of you my current tear drop liner product 
짜짜짱! It's Innisfree Eco Dual Tear Drop Liner :)
이니스프리 에코 듀얼 눈물 라이너
This product is so unique! It has tear drop liner in two different shape and function. The other side is pencil liner and otherwise is liquid liner! ^^ 
It's dominated with white color, with very simple design. Why do you need to buy two kinds of decorative eye pencil & liner separately while you can own them in one product? :3

Innisfree Eco dual tear drop liner: A dual eyeliner combined with a white pearl liquid liner and a pencil liner to portray pure and innocent eyes as if sparkling with tears.

Content: 1 gr & 3 gr

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As you can see, I think you can tell why this product was named as Dual Tear Drop Liner..
I think this is a brilliant idea, to combine two different texture of decorative eye liner in one product! *_* 
This Dual Tear Drop Liner ONLY has one single color, SILVER.

9,000 원 if you buy directly from Korea.
I got it from W2BEAUTY. But unfortunately it's currently sold out in W2BEAUTY *___*
Psst.. I'm planning to giving away this Eco Dual Tear Drop Liner in the future ^^ Anyone interested?

Liner: wet and easy to apply, just like common liquid eyeliner :D
Pencil: It's soft enough and doesn't hurt or sting my eyes during application

And the result is..

Can you spot the difference?
The liner side has sparkling effect, while the pencil side has shimmery result ^___^

Pencil: suitable for everyday and dating 
Liner: suitable for party or prom night ^_^

Overall thoughts:
Personally I love them both ^.^ They have pretty shimmer and sparkling effect. They also have good texture! I have no complain so far.. XD I wish this product is available in other colors T____T

Pros (+)
+ Two kind of liners in one product 
+ Soft texture
+ Easy to apply
+ Practical and convenient
+ Quite last long

Cons (-)
- Only comes in one color T___T


Where to buy?

So what do you think about this product? ^.^
Have you tried it or maybe similar product? If you have any question, please comment below :D


  1. wow, multifunsi sesuai kondisi ya eon, bener nih sayang warnanya cumang 1 :"
    nice post ^^

  2. Bagus yg pensil ya Vee, putihnya cantik :3
    Mauuuu kl dijadiin giveaway hihi :3

  3. I also wish they have it in different colors like peach and pink. Although this silver one looks nice too. :)

  4. WOOOWWW...ini yang lagi aku cari...
    liner silver...
    thank for the nice post vi..

  5. Keren bgt yah bisa 2 in 1, yang liquid mirip2 etude tear eye liner ^.^
    boleh2 ce di giveaway hehe XD

    ♡ MY BLOG ♡

    1. iya mirip sama tear drop linernya etude ^^ tp yg ini bisa dua2nya hehe
      okee siip :D tunggu ya

  6. warna silvernya cantik shimer2 lagi ^^, cuman sayangnya 1 warna ya

  7. Bagus jadi pingin beli lalalala ~

  8. waaa aku tertarik kak mau mau mauuu XD
    yang liner lebih blink2 ya warna silver nya. :)

  9. Aku suka sekali memakai warna shimmer di bawah mata. Biasanya aku mengunakan eyeshadow. Namun produk ini sungguh multifungsi dan paling menariknya bisa dibawa travelling. Lumayan menghemat tempat.

  10. How long-lasting is both the liner and the pencil? :O
    If you ever do a giveaway of this, I would be one of the first to make an entry hehe

  11. they look so lovely, love them!

  12. aku uda lama penasaran sm produk ini, cuma di indo susah nemuin yg jual..males PO jg..
    hasilnya bagus ya shel di kamu..^^

  13. beautiful ^_^ if its have other colour i would buy it!

  14. I really need to buy one of those tear liners. We have nothing like that where I live!

  15. setujuuuu banget kl dijadiin giveaway
    btw teardrop eyeliner kyk gini cucokk g y bwt yg berkulit gelap kyk sya..??

    1. tentu aja bisa dear ^_^ ga ada masalah kok

  16. I would like to try it D': it looks really cool!

  17. warnanya baguus, mirip kayak punya etude hehe. ini long-lasting nggak ya?


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