Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lucido-L Hair Vitamin Oil [review]

Dry, frizzy and rebellious hair always make me not confident recently.. I have very dry and quite damaged hair ;__; I guess it's because I tend to go outside with motorcycle and dyed my hair.
Well, do you name a website named YukCoba.In? Couple days ago I registered myself there, pick a product that attracted me most and hoping for a luck. Few days later, a lady from YukCoba.In called me, and asked for my complete address, because they were going to send my a product to be reviewed! 
You can try your luck here, and be one of the reviewer of YukCoba.In ^^ 

Okay, I'd like to share a review about Lucido-L Hair Vitamin Oil :)
Lucido-L is one of product from PT Mandom, one of well-know companies in Indonesia. I think it's available in nearest drugstore like Watson, and I don't know if it's already available in Surabaya or not :s
Lucido-L Hair Vitamin Oil
contains vitamin A, C, E + Avocado Oil (For Dry Hair)

Directions & Ingredients on the box:
Hair Make Supplement
Triple Beauty Vitamin Oil (For Dry Hair)
For Shiny, Smooth, and Moist Hair
+ Non Sticky
+ Non Rinse Item
+ Light Floral Fragrance

Descriptions on the box:
Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement
With Combination of Vitamin A, C and E, Avocado Oil and Moisturizing Agent helps to nourish, make your dry hair become shiny, smooth and moist. Get your perfect beauty hair in one step.

How to use:
Use on washed, towel-dried hair. Spread a suitable amount onto your palm, mainly to ends of hair. Reapply as needed. (No need to rinse off)
Netto: 50ml
Manufactured by: PT Mandom Indonesia
Also distributed by Mandom Corp. Singapore, Mandom Malaysia and Mandom Philippines

 Very unique packaging, it's so handy and travel friendly :D It's also easy to grip with such a shape.
It dominated with yellow color, which is so attractive ^_^

It has quite greasy texture, definitely (because it's made from oil). 
However I'm not bothered by its texture :)

It absorbs well into my hair. I'm not lying, it DOES really moisturizing my hair. After I used it once, my dry hair become smoother, nourished, and more manageable :D I have used it three times, and it makes I love my hair moreeeee ^_^ I also love its scent, it has light light floral scent that I like most!

What I love <3
+ Moisturizing my hair well
+ Handy, and travel-friendly
+ Makes my hair smoother, and moist
+ Affordable
+ Makes my hair become more manageable
+ Nice scent!

What I hate </3
- Sometimes, the bottle feels little bit greasy

Rating: 5/5
Repurchase? Yes!

Have you tried Lucido-L Hair Vitamin Oil? If you haven't, you should get yourself one! ^_^
Thanks for reading! See ya on my post :3


  1. Ehh beda bentuknya yah sama yg kayak spray gitu. Pengennn deh klo bs lembutin rambuttttt. Thankyou ci reviewnya :)

  2. Aku pernah ini, tapi aku kurang suka ;'( rambut ku langsung berminyak banget

    Salam kenal..
    Can we follow each orther..

    1. mungkin pakainya kebanyakan? :O Pakainya setelah keramas, dlm keadaan setengah kering lho...
      thanks for stopping by ^^

  3. pengen coba, tapi blom pernah lait yg kayak gini di manado :'(

  4. aku juga lho ci pake ini. bener bikin rambut halusss. worth to buy dengan harga yang murah. lumayan lah gantiin hair vitamin lain yg makin hari makin mahal itu.


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