Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thanks God for another year ♥

Hey guys, how are you?
Just want to post little update about me XD *if you interested to read; if you don't, you can close this tab T_T* LOL

Finally today is coming.. My Birthday >,<
Actually I don't want to get older this fast hahaha.
I feel time is passing by so fast, it seems I just turned out 17 years old yesterday :x

I thank to God because He has guarding, loving, and guiding me =)
I'm thankful for everything I have, I have no reason to complain since Jesus Christ has died for me at the cross and I have merciful and blessed life 

And I wanna thank to all of you who gave me greetings today 
I hope I could be maturer and more productive! Amen

Yeah I know i looked so messy here T,T it was my bare face

Anyway, maybe it's time to reveal reason behind why I used "Xiao Vee" as my blogging name :P I mixed my chinese name with my first name.
Xiao Fang + Shelvi (read: Cell-vee)
and that's it! Xiao Vee XD
sounds ridiculous? kkk

Another cake from my cell-group friends in church ^.^ Thanks so much! 
*psst, this year I'm 23 years old >.<*

I think that's all? XD
I'm clueless and dunno what to say, hehe

Thanks for supporting me, everyone ^^
Love you all! xoxo


  1. Happy birthday!!! ;3
    You look super cute even with your bare-face, haha! ^3^

  2. Happy B'day.. So suprised when I know that you are turned to 23th. You look younger than your age :)

    Wish you all the best

  3. Happy birthday yaa.. Wish u all the best ;) cakenya yummy deh~ hehe

  4. Happy birthday ce ^^
    Nama cina masi dipake buat panggilan yah di tempatmu...
    Di tempatku nama cuma anugerah, ga dipake xD
    Wish you all the best...
    Gbu ^^

    1. oiya? di tempatku msh sering dipake sih XD hehe
      thanks <3

  5. happy b`day xiao vee...
    wish u all the best, semoga makin sukses dgn bertambahnya umur
    omg udah 23 tahun tp masih kaya anak 17th :D
    tetep imut <3 *cubit pipi*

  6. happy bday,shelvi.....!!
    keep blogging with beautiful as alwys !!
    God bless you.. (^___^)

  7. happy bday *again* shel~ wish u all d best <3

  8. Wow Happy Birthday~!!! Hope you had an amazing day, God bless you - all the best in your many more years to come! :)

  9. Thank you everyone!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. Happyyy birthdayyyy... Wishing youu all the best :* :*


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