Saturday, March 2, 2013

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light Melty Mocha Hair Color [review]

Hi guyyyysss!!
I'd like to say Welcome March..and I'm not ready yet.. to get older (T▽T) LOL
Recently I dyed my hair again, to retouch my ugly roots.
At first, I thought I'll back to black hair, but I changed my mind when I came across to Guardian few months ago and found this one.

Schwarzkopf Fresh Light
Melty Mocha Hair Color

I got this for around IDR 80.000 or $8. 

Made in Japan, and imported by PT. Citra Gemilang Prima.

What's inside the box?
- Color Cream
- Cream Developer
- Comb-nozzle
- After Color Treatment
- Instruction Leaflet
- Protective Gloves 

I just realized that I BOUGHT WRONG SERIES of Schwarzkopf!!( ゚ Д゚)
What I wanted was their coloring foam, not regular coloring cream T_____T
I'm not good at coloring my hair with regular hair coloring..
I remember that my 1st attempt last year wasn't good enough..

(i'm purposed to buy Schwarzkopf foam coloring in white box)

But, since I've bought this one, there's no reason for me to not try it..
Maybe this product could change my opinion about cream hair coloring?
Let see.. 

Agent #1
Color cream (Melty Mocha)

There's few holes on this comb. 
I think all of you can guess the purpose of this comb, can't you?

For those of you who have allergy toward hair coloring product, don't forget to test it out 48 hours before application.

Are you ready??? :P

Before started the application, this was sneak peek of my ugly roots..(ー_ー;)

I'm sorry I couldn't capture any photos during the process, since everything was so messy and my hand was so dirty. Don't forget to wearing its gloves and place recycle papers or unused newspaper on you floor.

Are you ready to see the result?










Actually the color turned out nice, not so noticeable and wearable for everyday.
Do you remember what I said before, about... I'm not good at coloring my hair with regular cream hair coloring? T_______T

*bang my head to wall (* ̄m ̄) 

bare face, only worn concealer and compact powder at the moment
The worst part is my bangs and my back of head. 

The result isn't really different with its previous condition :"(
If you are beginner *like me*, you should ask your mother or sister to assist you.

Arrgghhhh I could say that I'm failed (again).
I really couldn't deal with cream hair coloring.. and I couldn't ask anyone to assist me since I'm living at boarding house (or dormitory) and everyone is busy with their business.

My friends even didn't realize that I just dyed my hair T_T *sob*

What I love <3
+ The color is nice
+ Its odor wasn't too strong (still torelable)
+ It didn't burn my scalp
+ It didn't hurt my hair
+ It didn't dried out my hair
+ Affordable price
+ Easy to get

What I hate </3
- I need an assistant to apply this hair coloring product evenly

Rating: 4/5 (Sincerely I still give it 4 points though my attempt was failed)

Repurchase? Yes! The foam coloring product, of course..
Recommended? Yes~


Well, at least my hair looked quite good in front of camera.

I think i should re-dye my hair as soon as possible.. Maybe this mid March..

Thanks for reading guys <3
Have a wonderful March!
See ya!


  1. you still look so pretty vee <3
    jadi pengen coba yang bubble :p aku juga payah banget sama pewarna krim ㅠㅠ

    1. thanks sa <3
      iya next time aku jg mau coba yg bubble T^T

  2. bagus ci warnanya, sayang ga rata :3
    jdi pgen coba XD pgen cat rambut tpi blom siap mental nih lol

  3. msih ngumpulin mental nih bwt coloring, masi bener"virgin nih rambut ^-^

  4. Jd pngen warna abs liat kmu vee
    tp msih ngumpulin mental bwt coloring, rmbut msih virgin ;p

  5. love the color.. jadi pengen juga.. :)

  6. aku br nyadar vee klo km warnain rambut >.<


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