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Luview Whitening Capsule BB Cream [review]

Hello guys! I'm coming with another BB Cream review ^^
Sorry for my hiatus.. I've been so busy lately >___< mostly due to intensive course that I took and activities in my Church. AND my internet become so sucks lately -_-" Thanks God Finally it's getting normal now..

I wrote this review a month ago and left it on my draft XD
This time I'll review about Luview Whitening Capsule BB Cream. I am lucky enough to get this BB cream, because Luview is one of Korean Cosmetic brand that haven't officially sold in Indonesia yet. I got this one as giveaway prize last year. Anyway, don't worry.. you can buy Luview through their website: ^-^

It comes with tall and slim bottle. Its height is approximately 16-18 cm. The packaging looks classy, sleek and not bulky. For the material, it made from kind of plastic (I dunno how to describe it ~.~) and I think you shouldn't drop this one, or something bad will happens, LOL. It has unique twisted cap, but I don't really like this kind of cap. Gonna tell you the reason later ._.

Whitening Cosmeceutical Talc-Free
Created by highly optimized formula, which from the natural elements and the most advanced dermatology.

From Luview's website:

Whitening Capsule BB Cream

Natural and luminous skin from micro capsule containing aloe extracts

Benefit : Whitening, Pure moisturizing, Cell-rejuvenation
Skin types : Oily, Combination
SkinColor Types : 1L-Light beige
Volume : 34g
Coverage : ◆◆◇◇◇
Price: $22.80

Light is not only reflected on the surface but it is also naturally re-emitted from deep within the skin.Aloe ingredients keeps surface radiant by absorbing excessive sebum and skin's inner moisturizing 

1. Magic capsule for customized finish Upon application, the micro capsule inside cream pops and turns into an natural skin color with pearl shinning 
2. Natural light effect Enhance skin's natural light with pearl shinning 
3. Non-irritating natural minerals doesn't cause break-outs 
4. Whitening: KFDA certified 
5. Talc free 

How to use:
At the final stage of the skin care, take appropriate volume and apply for light pounding. Makeup base and foundation are not required to use separately.

The twisted cap.
 You only need to plug-off the lid, twist the cap and press the top of bottle to get the BB cream. Err sorry I forgot to capture the complete process >_<

Made in Korea

Shade & Coverage
It only has one shade (light beige). This BB cream forms in micro capsule, that will pops when blending process and generate natural skin tone. It has light coverage ._. It won't cover your blemishes well.

I love to use this BB cream when I feel like don't use weight makeup. This BB cream doesn't contains SPF, it means better use this one at night :) For the oil control, my T-zone start to shiny after 3-4 hours.

What I love <3
+ Suitable for light makeup
+ Slim Packaging (not bulky)
+ Helps to correct discoloration of skin tone
+ Doesn't break my skin
+ Quite good oil control

What I hate </3
- Somehow the cap can't works well
- Kinda pricey

Rating: 4.5/5
Repurchase? Maybe someday ^^ Since I still have bunch of BB creams in my stack *_*
Recommended? Yes! :D

Thanks for reading and please wait for my trip posts patiently =3
God bless you all!


  1. wiii, aku cari bb cream yang gak ada spf nya, tapi ini kok laraaaaaang T_____T

    1. bb cream yg ga ada spf ad kok yg g mahal :D bb magic cream ny etude yg botol ungu sama face shop yg seri oil cut apaaa gtu ._. kemasanny warna coklat

  2. fabolous effect dear...I want it...
    happy day

  3. Bru ini nemu bbc yg ga berSPF..hwaaaa..kenapa larang ya :'( km belinya dmn Shel ?

  4. lho.. malah bagus kan ada spfnya,,
    aku prefer bb cream yg gak terlalu gede kemasannya, kemasan kecil aja, soalnya kalau ga cocok gak rugi belinya.

    Salam kenal ya


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