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Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion [review]

I'm back again with late night post :P Today I'd like to review one of my current favorite skincare product! I'm sure that you're familiar with this one ;)
It's called Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion, means Ultimate Moisturizing Lotion.
Sorry for being so late for reviewing Hada Lado products -_-" I got plenty of Hada Labo products last September on Hada Labo launching event in Surabaya, but I always forget to review them up.. OTL

I didn't mean to being this late >_< I haven't finish to use them yet, so I can't provide any review if I haven't use a product in such quite long time. So, without further ado, I'll talk about the lotion.. XD

Currently, Hada Labo Indonesia has three kinds of lotion. Those are Gokujyun (moisturizing), Shirojyun (whitening) and Gokujyun Alpha (anti-aging).
I have been using the Gokujyun one for around several months.. I tried Gokujyun Alpha little bit and I haven't try Shirojyun at all.



Hadalabo is a newly mutually-developed brands operated by Rohto (Japan) and Mentholatum (USA), with the concept of 'Perfect & Simple’. They bring you a series of skincare products with the highest purity of ingredients under strict quality control.

HadaLabo GOKUJYUN Super Hyaluronic Acid Lotion is infused with super hyaluronic acid which deeply penetrates into skin. It keeps on moisturizing and softening skin, meanwhile enhancing skin’s water-binding ability, leaving skin supple, smooth and radiant. Weak acid, no fragrance, and no colorant.

After cleansing, gently pat an appropriate amount on face daily. 

*country of origin*


For Dry-Normal Skin
With nano-sized Hyaluronic Acid for Supple & Soft Skin.
Fragrance free & Colorant free.
Content: 100ml

Made with plastic material. It comes with flip-top cap that quite secure. Just make sure that you close the cap tightly or it will spill out into your travelling bag or purse. 

 Ultimate Moisturizing Lotion comes with 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid

Oh anyway, you might recognize that these Hada Labo products' packaging are slightly different from usual packaging that sold at SASA or Amazon. *_____* Why?


If you have read this post, you may already know that Rohto, Inc has built new Hada Labo factory in Indonesia. Hada Labo products that produced and distributed in Indonesia has smaller packaging, English translation and cheaper price. 

Watery and feel sticky if you apply this lotion with wrong way. Thicker than toner, yet easy to absorb into skin.

IMPORTANT TIPS: This lotion is more like a toner product, but usually I use this after applied toner on my face. For a better application :)

Watch this video to get know HOW TO APPLY Hada Labo Lotion properly! :D

I used Hada Labo Gokujyun Lotion regularly and I really love my skin texture ^.^ Supple, moist, soft and bouncy! LOL
Nah, I stopped to use Hada Labo Lotion routinely around last January because my skin type was drastically changed due to this incident T____T my skin type becomes normal-combination later on. I only use this lotion whenever my skin feels so dry..

*Special Case*
Few weeks ago, I got laryingtis disease (radang tenggorokan), bad influenza and cough. I was in bad health and unhealthy skin T___T It affected my lips area. I dunno why.. that area become so DRIED OUT and flaky >_____<"
Such a horrible moment!

I assumed that I was too long being in Air Conditioned room, lack of mineral water and vitamin C at the moment. So I drank plenty of mineral water and drink Vitamin C to boost my skin's moist. I also didn't forget to apply Hada Labo lotion 5-8 times in a day, and see the result..





Yay! It was getting better, wasn't it? (*^▽^*) I was so happy with the result! This Hada Labo Lotion is really amazing! 
I do really recommend this lotion if you have dry-normal skin, and this product is good for sensitive as well! Because it's colorant free, fragrance free, mineral oil free and alcohol free! :D

What I love <3
+ Moisturizing skin really well! 
+ Affordable (around IDR 20-30rb in local cosmetic store, Hypermart and so on)
+ Colorant free, Fragrance free, alcohol free, mineral oil free! 
+ Safe for sensitive skin

What I hate </3
- Nothing atm

Rating: 5/5
Repurchase? Yeah! (^▽^)
Recommended! Sure! :3

PS: Please remember that every skincare product may give different effect for different users. Products that suit to my skin might be not suit for your skin. Skincare is about trial and error, dear :)

Don't forget to connect with Hada Labo Indonesia:

I think that's all! ^^
Thanks for reading :D
Hope you find this post is helpful! Ciao~


  1. waw kering banget bibir kamu vee >,<
    iya emang ini cocok buat kulit kering dan kalo pakenya terlalu intens bisa bikin break out di aku. tapi kalo lagi kering parah, hadalabo ini membantu banget. aku cocok banget sama sabun mukanya ^^

    1. iya aku jg bingung knp bs gt :( ngeri bgt
      oo iya bener klo pas kondisi kulit kering, cocok bgt ^^

  2. wah cepet banget resultnyaaaa >,<
    sekarang udah baik kan radang tenggorokannya btw? hehe

  3. Seems to be a nice product for my skin type ^_^

  4. Aku punya yg biru, tp kayanya yg putih lebih melembabkan ya?

    1. yg biru utk whitening :) yg putih utk melembabkan

  5. aku pake hadalabo jadi breakout uhuhu :(

  6. wahhh blognya keren, punya banyak informasi yang sangat bermanfaat deh, kereen:))
    kalau kamu punya waktu luang jangan lupa jalan2 ke blog aku ya, dan berharap kamu mau follow back blog aku, aku sdh follow blogn kamu loh, heee:))
    salam kenal yaaa....

    1. thank youu yaaaa :D
      okaiiii.. salam kenal jg ^^

  7. I have severe eczema, and my lips look like that everyday since I was born unless I apply some medication ^^; But it's only available with insurance..maybe this would be an alternative? Thanks for posting, btw! I've heard a lot about this lotion~

    Check out my blog please? <3:

    1. really?? o.O
      you should try this lotion then.. hopefully it will suits to you >.<
      sure <3

  8. Interesting product ^^
    Thanks for the review.

    恵美より ♥

  9. I have been eyeing this product for a while now since it's approaching winter in the South.
    My skin is starting to get parched.
    I think I will try this out now.
    Thank you for reviewing :)

  10. aku pake yang shirojyun suka banget deh ga bikin break out!
    hihi nice review:)

  11. Me too! Aku baru nyobain beli kemarin yang Hada Labo foaming facial wash! Bagus gak kak? Hehehe Hada Labo bagus banget sih~

  12. hada labo untuk kulit berminyak ad, ga, ya..? :(

    1. ada say :) cari aja yg utk oil skin type

    2. kalo udh apply lotionny, ttp bisa/boleh lgsg pake bedak, kan? ato hrus apply foundation sbelumny, ka?

    3. Lotion dulu, dibiarkan mengering trs baru boleh pake foundation/bedak :)

    4. okee.. makasih banyak infony, ka.. :)

  13. sis, great review!!
    untuk hadalabo, kalau sempat mampir ke ya sis ^^


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