Saturday, November 3, 2012

PiCture pOlish Peaches n' Cream Nail Polish [review]

Helloooo everyoneeee... Have you ever heard about a nail polish brand named piCture pOlish? \(´▽`)/ Not yet? You're not alone :p This was my first time heard about this brand as well! 
piCture pOlish is a brand which comes from Australia, has many variants of nail polish along with their unique names & colors! :3

This time, I tried piCture pOlish in Peaches n' Cream color. Look at the description, "for all the sweet sweet girls!" ( ˆ▽ˆ) I agree with this statement, this color is so sweet and girly! ♥♥
The color is pastel peach, similar with pastel pink color IMO. I love this color, so wearable for everyday (✿◠‿◠) sweet and feminine, yet not childish~

the ingredients
Content: 11ml 
Made in Australia

*Packaging* Made from sturdy glass, with rounded shape bottle
*Color* Opaque color, only need 1-2 coats for each nail
*Texture* not thick at all, yet quite watery. Easy to spread, and easy to apply :)
*Formula* It dries quite fast


Swatch on my nails:
outdoor light
I'm wondering why the peach color turns into pastel pink color on my nails *_*
The fact is, the colors really similar with pastel pink color, despite the name of this nail polish variant is "Peaches n' Cream"

artificial light
Though the color is not as peachy as I wanted before, I loveeeeee this nail polish :3
*pinky lover alert* xD
Really want to collect other colors!! ♥♥

What I love <3
+ Has many variants of pastel colors 
+ Opaque color, only need 1-2 coats for each nail
+ Dries quite fast
+ Made from sturdy glass, suitable for a sloppy person like me ;p lol

What I hate </3
- Only can buy it via online

My selca when using this nail polish:
I wish you can see the colors of my nails xD

very sweet & wearable color, isn't it? It has nice quality as well (≧∇≦)/ 

Thanks to BubbleTalk Shop who has kindly sent me this nail polish (*^▽^*) 
 Though this is a sponsored item, all my opinion is honest and based on my personal experience :)

If you are interested to try this piCture pOlish by yourself, feel free to contact them:
They only sell 100% ORIGINAL products, of course they're a trusted online shop :)
Besides of piCture pOlish, they also sell OPI, Orly, Essie, Ozotic, and so on 

Thanks for reading, sweet girls!
see ya~ :D


  1. Pretty color...kiss and have an happy day

  2. lucuuu warnanya >.<
    suka warna pastel juga :D

    iyaa knapa jadi pink ya stelah dipake haha :o

    1. iyaaa hehe xD suka pastel banget~
      makanya itu o.o hahaha

  3. i like the color. ^_~

  4. nice color!!! me want want! ^^ hehehe..
    I never heard this brand before~
    I've been using nail polish from OPI, Chanel, and Tony Moly only so far~
    oh and etude house.. but I don't like the etude house's one~ :(

    1. me too hehe :)
      humm etude sekarang formulanya lebih bagus dr yang dulu loh :) *denger2*

  5. warnanya cantik bangettttt ce \(*O*)/
    not a fan, (NOT) of nail polishes tp aku pengen jg ini jadinya! ini warna favoritku kyaa~ >.<

    1. hehehee iya warnanya emg cantik lin x3 aku jg jd tergoda pgn koleksi yg lain hihi

  6. aihh..kmu imut2 say :D
    warna nail polish nya cantik
    btw pake softlens apa? #salah fokus :p

    1. huaha thanks dear >.<
      iyaa stuju warnanya emg cantik bgt ^^
      aku pake geo big grang grang :D review ada di SINI

  7. Very pretty shade of peach~ but, I don't think I've ever heard of them~


    1. you should try them then ^^
      thanks for visiting my blog ;)

  8. bagus ya warnanya...


  9. I really like the color of it! ^^ It's cute:33
    and you're super pretty!! ^3^

  10. the color is so pretty! i haven't tried them yet. but i already saw a lot of reviews about this brand. this color matches my blog theme. haha. i love it!

  11. setuju !!! warna peach memang manis, dan juga segar


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