Thursday, March 28, 2013

[UPDATE] IBB MUC March - Dazzling Like Marilyn

Hi guysssss this is a quick update about me ^^
I was chosen as Top 5 of Indonesian Beauty Blogger MAKEUP CHALLENGE TOP 5! Woohoo! ♥ Thanks God!

Please don't print out this photo and put this on your kitchen XD (to scare mouse and cockroach, ROFL)


the announcement of Top 5 was late so I guess last day to vote is this saturday *CMIIW*
So pleaseee help me to vote? ^^ You can vote it daily!

I'm the contestant number 4

I'll really appreciate every single of your vote 
Thank you very much guysss ^^ I wuff u!
see ya~~ :D


  1. Ohhh ternyata kamu toh Xiao Vee.. Aku kmrn baru voting kamu loh.. hahaha kebetulan bgt yah.. pdhl ga tau itu kamu..Tp karena lipstik kamu warnanya paling merah makanya aku pikir paling mirip sama Monroe :p
    Good luck yaaa :)


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