Monday, March 18, 2013

IBB Makeup Challenge: Dazzling Like Marilyn

Who doesn't knows Marilyn Monroe?
A pretty gorgeous lady, famous with her red lips, curled blonde hair and white dress! :D
Gladly I could joined IBB Makeup Challenge again, after skipped IBB MUC last month >.<
I was so grateful because last January, I could become one of five contestants of IBB MUC :') Yeah though I didn't win, no problem! ^^ Keep learning and never give up~

Umm... To be honest, I have no enough confidence to show you my "Marilyn Monroe inspired makeup" >____< Why?
Because my eyes is small (unlike Marilyn's), I naturally have thick eyebrow (unlike Marilyn's arched eyebrow) and my HAIR is long and brown!

Though my makeup is still far away from perfection, but..
At least I've tried :')
If you ever read my blog, or know me personally... you might know that my makeup style is so ulzzang, casual and I don't like to wear red lips '____' because I will be look older.

Are you ready to see my makeup?





.... what do you think? (>///<)
My elder sister helped me to styled my hair, hehe
At least I have some curly hair :P and made faux bob.

eye makeup:
indoor light

indoor light

outdoor light
Products that I used
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Bright Fit
Luview One Touch Sun Powder
ELF golden bronzer
Etude House Lovely Cheek Blusher

Tony Moly Berry Lovely Girl Eye Primer
Luview Triple Baked Eyeshadow
NYX Runway Collection Palette
Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick
Revlon Creme Gel liner #charcoal
Pixy Liquid Liner
Tony Moly Simply Style Mascara

Nivea Lip Balm
BH Cosmetics 32 lip color palette

Sorry for my thick eyebrows :( Surely I couldn't make arched eyebrows, it's impossible for me to shave half of my eyebrow *can't imagine it*
Anyway, I purposely didn't use circle lens for this look XD why?
Because I avoid "dolly effect" due to circle lens, and another reason is because Marilyn didn't use circle lens in the past :p

sensual pose? OTL

Hmmm... I feel like a Shanghai Lady instead of Marilyn Monroe -_-" LOL.
So, that's my interpretation about "Dazzling Like Marilyn" makeup look.

Do you have any comment? XD
Sorry for my amateur makeup skill >_____<
Hopefully there's a miracle for me~

Thanks for reading all ^^


  1. Very sexy look! The red lips and lashes are captivating *~*

  2. good luck Shel!!! hihihi canttiikkk :3

  3. you look just like her, sexy~

  4. cantiiik, tapi kaya nona cina dearrrr hahahaha :p
    good luck viii!!!!

    1. i told ya... emg susah imitating marilyn monroe look dengan model wajah dan mataku ini T^T

  5. cutieee..shanghai lady nih...good luck yaaa

  6. Good luck Dear. I've voted for you. :-)

  7. xiao veee???? OMG beda kali.... hihihii cantiiiiknyoooo.... *cubit* good luck yaaa....

    1. iya cc (>///<) haha, makasiihh cie ^^ *hug*


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