Saturday, February 9, 2013

January Giveaway's Winner

I'm so sorry for those who have waiting for this announcement >___<
I got problem with my internet connection (again) for around 2 weeks and it kinda made me stressed T____T
Thanks God my internet connection has back!

I have read all of your entries for my January Giveaway ^^
Thanks for everyone who has participating!!
I'm so happy to read your comments guysss :D

At the end, I decided to pick two winners..
Based on their answers and effort...

The winners are.....

Congratulations, both of you! ^^
I will send email(s) to you as soon as possible..
I'll wait for 4x24hours maximum :)

Thanks everyone~~
Please don't be discouraged if you didn't win.. 
I'm gonna host another giveaway soon ^^

See yaaaaa~


  1. Loh, lohhh, kapan ini mulainyaaa kok tau2 udh pengumumannn??? 💔💔💔💔ketinggalaaaaaannn.. Pdhal buka blog kamu terus lo shellll 😣😣😣😣😣😣

    1. waaahhh padahal ada di blog sidebar ku loh ce >___< ga keliatan kah?

  2. not me. :(
    anyway, congrats for the winner... :D
    hope i'll win oneday, hehehe
    thanks 4 the chance,Xiao Vee.
    sukses selalu!

    1. i'll host another giveaway soon! :)
      thanks <3

  3. congratss for the winner :D
    ditunggu next giveaway nya shel :D

  4. congrats to winners

    visit my blog ^^


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