Thursday, January 24, 2013

New faces for Etude House 2013!

안녕 여러분~ ^^ Hello everyone
Today I'm gonna share with you, the newest announcement from my super favorite Korean Cosmetic brand all the time, Etude House! Just in case you don't know what it is.. Let me tell you.. Sandara Park from 2NE1 is no longer the brand ambassador of Etude House anymore.. =(
Etude House has picked new faces for their 2013! Guess who? :D

They're Krystal & Sulli from f(x)!

they're coming with the latest concept of Etude House, Sweet Recipe!

Personally, I quite like Sulli and Krystal.. 
I hope they will bring Etude House goes to higher achievement and nice image ^-^

Whipping cream? Yum!!

Secret Recipe Baby Choux Base

Dear My Jelly Lipstick! Jelly?? HMMMM.. Can't wait to try it! <3

what is this? chocolate?

I love this packaging ^^ Christmas Candies~

Like a whipping cream in a jar :D

Another information:
f(x) and SHINee are under same label, SM Entertainment; and I guess this gonna be an advantage for them because it will be easier to managed some artists in same agency.

Krystal is SNSD's Jessica little sister. Sulli and Minho played as couple in k-drama (2012) "To The Beautiful You".

So what do you think about new faces of Etude House?
I know some of you still love Dara.. don't worry she was picked as Clio's brand ambassador right now ^o^

Hope the best for Sulli and Krystal! :)
Support them, girls.. kay?

Thanks for reading~!

PS: all images credit to ETUDE HOUSE =D


  1. I prefer Sandara :3 she is cuter

  2. Beside from their ambassador, Etude always give us cute packing \(^o^)/ hohooh ..
    By the way congraltz jie to got into 5 IBB Challenge

  3. of course i prefer sandara.. not really a fans of f(x) and they're not as pretty as dara >.<

  4. awww, etude makin cute ya? >w<
    join my giveaway yah:
    makasih ^_^

  5. Sebenernya innernya lbh keluar Sandara, tetapi mungkin karena faktor umur (she's 28, isn't she?) kali ya jd diganti... mdh2an ganti wajah bs jangkau audience lbh byk lg...

  6. i still like sandara, her beauty is natural, unlike other kpop stars.

  7. i love sandara more :| heheheh thanks for share vee <3

  8. aaaa, aku sebenernya berharap lebih sama sulli karena image dy kn cute. jd mungkin aja cocok lah sama etude, tp kok fotonya begini ya... :((( mengecewakan :((

  9. aku prefer Sandara sih yaa :) meski udah 27 tapi aura-nya cerah ceria gitu ce >.<
    tapi Sulli cute banget dan Krystall (walopun mukanya jutek) tapi cantik lah yaa...
    coba kalo Sulli sama Victoria oke deh tuh~~

  10. I still like Sandara Park. She's more charming and beautiful. She's 28 already but doesn't resemble her real age. She's really cute^^
    Well, Etude sure to have different point of view by replacing Dara.


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