Monday, February 13, 2012

Miss A Suzy is the new face of Teen's Nature (Korean Cosmetics Brand)

Woaaaa... I'm quite excited with this news XD
Although I have no idea what is Teen's Nature brand (this is the 1st I heard about this brand)
I love Suzy from Miss A ^^ since she's my bias from Miss A :D
Hope I can try the product someday :)

If you wondering who is Suzy from Miss A, she's played the main role in Dream High k-drama 
as Go Hye Mi ^o^


  1. cantttiiiiikkk banget si suzy!!! *w*
    wuih korea banyak banget yah brand make up gitu, harusnya indo juga banyak yah. hehe ^^

  2. @comi: iyaaa nih XD hahaha..
    di korea BUANYAK banget brand2 yg tdk dikenal.. hihi.. smoga indo bs makin maju nih kualitas brand make up & skincare nya ;)


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